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  1. Just file a claim with your insurance company and allow them to pursue it. They are quite experienced with dealing with other insurance companies and you will be surprised to see an insurance company actually work for your best interests
  2. I was lucky enough to have a close up encounter with a condor 2 months ago while hiking in the backcountry of the Los Padres Forest. I think a big problem for these birds is that many of them are raised by humans and they now see us as a easy supply of food. This bird came within 5 feet of us and aggresively challenged us for our backpacks. We decided to leave and it continued to follow us. Im sure it has learned to do the same with hunters, and could easily eat lead by stealing shot game before it could be recovered. They are beautiful animals and I hope we can find a way to share our forests with them
  3. I Dream of Jeanie Astro Boy Gigantor Lancelot Link Secret Chimp
  4. KJM

    timeshare question

    There are alot of different companies that sell timeshares on ebay. The problem is there is glut of timeshares on the market now, I actually bought one there for one dollar in a no reserve auction. You might want to contact one of those companies and see if yours is worth anything
  5. Go to practical machinist .com, they have a forum similar to this one for discussion and classified adds where you might find what your looking for
  6. Hi, it definatly sounds like a vacuum leak. Have you recently serviced your transmission? Sometimes when you change the tranny filter you can get a tiny leak that is really hard to detect but will make your car run just the way yours does. I used to have an old wagoneer and had the same problem a couple of times.
  7. Well if you read the questions in the poll, they all pertain to tax laws, there just isnt an option for I will pay 0% and not leave the country because I havnt broken any laws
  8. I just read about the taxes for the CA lottery on their website, there are no state taxes on super lottery winnings, and there is a 25% fed tax, that doesnt seem that bad
  9. Well then what is the point "big time"? It seems that you guys are complaining about tax laws that dont actually exist
  10. Im not sure I understand your post, if you take the one time lump sum option on the lottery all the taxes are already taken out, so you would be able to keep the 10 million and only have to pay taxes on the intersest you make from the money in the bank. Or am I missing the point?
  11. Your post again doesnt make sense. You are not making your business decision based on the tax code, you are just getting a total write off on the money you spent doing business. And when you lower the corporate tax rate, it does nothing but influence my decision to pocket my profits rather than reinvest that money in my corp in order to reduce my tax liability. Its called the "cost of money"
  12. I usually just lurk here but I couldnt resist chiming in. Your hypothetical doesnt make sense. Why would you declare that 20000 as income? That money would be an investment in your business and would be %100 tax deductable, the people you paid that money to would be responsible for the tax. You would just be required to send in a form 1099 on them at the end of the year
  13. I understand what you are saying, but I believe you are missing the point. Football in nothing more than entertainment and image. You say he is a true villan, I agree. People dont want to spend $60 on a ticket the game to see this jerk. Who would want him to endorse their product? So for now he must accept the fact that he is a pariah, fortunately for him the public has a short memory and in time he will get another chance. Just my humble opinion
  14. Will Rodgers once said " if there are no dogs in heavan, then when I die I want to go where they went". So many of us see our dogs as family members and for this guy to kill them for mere entertainment is completely unforgivable in the eyes of so many Americans, myself included, his acts go beyond the scope of what is legal and just digs right into our heart. Heck, theres one poster here whos sig line is " you guys dont understand he shot my dog" I think that says it all. Maybe someday people will accept Vick again, but not for quite awhile.
  15. thanks for your input, I was wondering how people from countries with universal health feel about it. It sounds similar to the HMO Im enrolled in, but alot less expensive.