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  1. Eule

    BPA to USPA Liscense

    Two suggestions: 1. Ask USPA. They have probably dealt with this before. 2. I've heard that sometimes British jumpers go to other countries for better weather or cheaper jumps, and that some dropzones that aren't in Britain have BPA instructors that can sign off on BPA licenses. I think some of the big DZs in Florida (DeLand?) do this, for example. A US DZ that is set up to do this should be familiar with the differences between BPA and USPA regulations and should be able to advise. Eule
  2. Eule

    Mark as Read Not Always Working

    Do you let Firefox accept all cookies (no windows pop up saying "site wants to set a cookie") or do you pick and choose? If you have told Firefox to only keep cookies for the current session, that might be part of the problem. To check, Tools menu->Options->Privacy icon->Cookies tab. Make sure "Allow sites to set cookies" is checked. Click on the "Exceptions" button and if or is in the list, make sure it says "Allow". "Allow for Session" or "Block" won't work. Also on the Cookies tab, if the "Keep cookies" drop-down is set to "until they expire", that's OK. If it's set to "until I close Firefox", that won't work. If it's set to "ask every time", that will work, but you'll get a window whenever a site wants to set a cookie. This is probably not the problem, but you might want to make sure the clock on your computer is set to the correct time and date. Eule
  3. Eule

    Amanda Kemp on the Chris Evans Show

    The interview starts at "twelve to seven" or at about 1:48 into the show if you're listening online. I saved the entire show, edited it down to just the interview, and converted it to MP3; the result is here. The file is about 6 MB and it runs a bit over six minutes. It seemed like a pretty decent interview for mass-market radio. The tunnel was mentioned briefly, but more time was given to 4-way in general and "what do you do if your parachute doesn't open", but at least the host didn't put it quite that way. :) Eule
  4. primero first cerveza beer saltar to jump That should be enough... :) You might ask (in English) in the Events and Places to Jump forum about the particular dropzone you are going to. You might also ask (in Spanish) in the Spanish-language forum about a general list of terms. Eule
  5. Eule

    Wierd Image?

    I haven't seen it myself, but some ideas: I have sometimes seen browsers load the first couple of images on a page, then duplicate those images in other places on the page until the correct images for those places load. This happens more often on a slow (dialup) connection or when the computer is heavily loaded. Usually the "bad" images eventually disappear once everything is loaded. Clearning your browser cache and trying again almost never hurts. Are you seeing this from more than one PC (with different Internet connections) or just one? If it's just one PC, or only from PCs that share an Internet connection, it could be a problem in a proxy server. You might have to ask whoever's running the proxy server to check it. Eule
  6. Eule

    Nationals on the Radio

    I think it's a pretty good story. The reporter appears to be confused about CRW vs. RW, but other than that I liked it. If you're listening to the whole show online, the story starts at about 19:30 and runs to about 26:12. Alternatively, I downloaded the show and made an mp3 (128 kbit, 44.1 KHz) of just that story here. Eule
  7. Eule

    Stoked in Zion

    Pack up some clothes and stuff; put the bags in your car. Strap a snow shovel on the roof of your car. Start driving south; fill up every time you get down to half a tank. As soon as somebody at a gas station asks you what that thing is on top of your car, OR you come to the ocean, start looking for a dropzone. :) Welcome! Eule
  8. Eule

    access to deleted/recycled posts

    There is a problem with searching posts from about mid-January through the end of May 2006. All of the posts are still there, but they aren't indexed, so the search function won't find them. If you remember which forum you posted in, go to that forum and start looking at the older index pages and you can probably find it that way. (Once you're in the forum, look at the top of the list of posts, above the word "Subject". There is a line that looks like >> or similar. This will take you to the older index pages.) Eule
  9. Eule

    Broken indexing

    Me t00. The last time I checked, the unindexed posts ran from about 13 Jan to about 27 May, or around 4.5 months' worth. Eule
  10. Eule

    Dropzone Locator

    I just tried it and I'm getting the same thing. city and state -> doesn't work zip code only -> doesn't work city, state, zip -> doesn't work street address, city, state, zip -> doesn't work I cleared my cookies and cache, logged back in, and tried the four queries above again, with the same results. I'm using Firefox on Linux (2.4.x kernel). Eule
  11. When you come back, can you sneak some non-3.2 Bud and Coors in with you? Dude, you got ripped off! Most tandems get like five minutes! Seriously, one minute is pretty standard if you're going to 14,500 or 15,000. :) There, made it clicky for you. Is about an hour close enough? I've been jumping in Cushing. There is also a dropzone in Hinton, but I think it might be closed... I heard they were closing and their Web site doesn't work anymore. Welcome! Eule Tulsa, Oklahoma
  12. Eule

    Upcoming USPA Election

    This is absolutely pathetic! I'm assuming you are referring to the large number of uncontested positions? I think there was some discussion on this a while ago - this thread had some of it but I'm not sure if it's the one I'm remembering. You yourself had part of the answer, I think... I know a couple of jumpers who would probably do a decent job but who don't have an extra 100-150 jump tickets in their pockets or another week of vacation at work. That's not the only reason but I think that's a significant part of it. On a slightly different note, there was a forum created specifically for the last election; do you feel it would be helpful to have something like that again? Eule
  13. Before you went on the jump, were you at all congested? Do you have any allergies that might have been acting up? These can make it harder to clear your ears. You might find Skydive Radio show #54 useful; the hosts talked to an ear, nose, and throat doctor about things like this. Eule
  14. Eule

    Searching Posts problem

    This appears to be a known problem for at least four months or so, but it has not yet been fixed. See this post. They aren't gone; they just haven't been indexed for the search function. If you know what forum a post was made in, you can go there and start looking through the old index pages for likely thread titles. Alternatively, do an advanced search at Google and fill in under Domain - this may not be exact but it will let you get a little closer. Eule
  15. Eule

    narrowing the search - classifieds

    I don't have an answer for you, other than to note that this is along the same lines as this request that was posted a month ago. The problem that underlies that request and your request is that the classifieds search function (at least for non-Premier members) is not very good, IMHO. When you place an ad, you can specify lots of details for your gear in a structured way, but there's not a good way for prospective buyers to search those details. Eule