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  1. Hes been working on this for a while, right? Why they all covering it now?
  2. Sled14

    Skydiving in the winter?

    South Jersey? Crosskeys? I jumped there in the winter, gets pretty damn cold at alt but just wear layers. Pretty good amount of people jumping then
  3. Sled14

    Viso Question

    So I wanna get a Viso with some extra $ I got laying around, but am having a hard time figuring out what it comes with. Lets say I want it on my wrist with a finger loop like most altimeters and the pic on the Paragear site, Do I still have to get a seperate wrist and finger mount or does it come with it?
  4. Parabatix has all those, great DVD. Good Stuff is a great DVD also
  5. Sled14 tip or not to tip??

    On my first tandem, I was going to tip my instructor but since I was buying a logbook, SIM, and planning on jumping more he said that he'd rather I spend the money on training, which I though was pretty cool
  6. Sled14


    Maybe on Sunday they say it was an April fools joke? Hopefully, really want to go to it.
  7. The only thing I was told was not to push off, just fall off.
  8. Sled14

    Gear Questions

    I'm pretty sure floating side laterals are just what Velocity Sports name is for the same thing.
  9. Sled14

    Gear Questions

    B12 snaps are a way to connect and detach legstraps, check the first picture Cut in laterals basically extend the bottom of the backpad to hug your body more. I have them on my Wings and love them.
  10. Does it mainly only fly at Perris? How long of a runway does it need?
  11. Sled14

    2007 Goals

    1) Be done with college (not too long, only like a month left) 2) After graduate, go to flight school then become instructor from there 3) After done with 3 month school program which leaves no time to jump or do anything else, start jumping again 4) Get better at sit-flying 5) Stay safe
  12. Sled14

    Lazy drogue throw VIDEO - scary!

    WHen did he lose his goggles?
  13. Sled14

    jumping a chopper

    I jumped it once, it was me, the pilot, some girl along for the ride, and another jumper. You definitely get the sensation of falling that you dont really feel leaving a plane. Only went up to a little above 4,000 feet. I can't wait to do it again, next time want to hang on the strut
  14. Sled14

    Winter gloves...

    I bought a pair of Ironclad Cold Condition gloves last year and jumped with them all through winter here in New Jersey and they worked great.
  15. Sled14


    Mine has cut in laterals and quilted backpad and is very very comfortable, even though the first time I jumped it was yesterday