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  1. maxf

    Comp Velocity 79

    Time Left: 15 days and 2 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Comp Velocity 79. DOM 08/2012. Full RDS. Orange Lines. 300. Like new. Only 80 jumps. Only used for competitions. Never used at terminal velocity. Never wet. You can check it out at The Blue Sky Ranch, Gardiner, NY.


    New York City, New York - US

  2. Renegate, these are your words: Although I agree with the last 2 points. The first 2 are not true. You are putting yourself and your friends in danger by being reckless. You have no business jumping such a high wing loading with your amount of experience. Your experience doesn't give sufficient knowledge to know or even make an educated guess if you will be able to control your canopy in a non-standard situation. Your assumptions, ambition, and attitude are very dangerous in this sport. The only reason people are spending their time by telling you all of this is to try to preserve life and wellbeing of your friends as well as your own. And just because you do not see the relevance of such things as cutaways to CRW or camera flying, doesn't mean there is none. In either case your words and your actions do not match. One way or another sync it up. I hope you'll chose the conservative approach.
  3. You now can with TSOd BaseR rig.
  4. maxf

    Skydive DeLand

    As far as neighbors are concerned: Consider that quite alot of the top names in skydiving equipment world are located within 5 - 10 minutes ride away from this DZ, I'd say this would be a great place to get all of your measurements right, and not via the 3rd party. As far as jumping: great and fast aircraft! Not difficult at all to find a prtner to jump with. As far as landing: inconcievable large landing area, just stay away from the airport buildings :) And of course, as far as food goes: Great restaurnat! And so close to wind tunnel :)
  5. maxf

    Skydive Hawaii

    Went to Hawaii for honeymoon, drove over to find a crew of great and friendly people. Camped out nearby in a tent, right on the beach. Got up in the morning and was rewarded with totally amazing view of the ocean! You could see the ocean floor in freefall the water is so clear. Easy to spot, easy to land. A bit windy.
  6. maxf

    Skydive Space Center

    What an airplane! 10-15 minutes tops to altitude! By the time you unbuckle that seat belt - it's time to exit exit exit! Incredible! The view is awesome! And jumps from 18 grand... Beat that!
  7. I used to jump a Firefly and Bomber suits before, they are not even close! I'll be quick here. Love the suit made by Ouragan! Got mine last year. It's comfortable, controllable, the amount of drag is perfect, the worksmanship is meticulous, the personal touch is definitely there! And the suit looks hot! Oh, I should mention that my wife is jumping her own custom Ouragan suit as well, and is very happy with it :) Other then the price - there are no downsides, but then again - you get what you pay for, and I am glad that I went with Ouragan this time.
  8. Nah, the sign hasn't changed :) We still get pizza and kegs occasionally ;) Ranch is the funnest DZ ;)
  9. Yurka, stop wining! Paranoya is getting better of you. Or as the sign says: Shut up and Jump!
  10. Hi, I have approximately 200 jumps. The past 50+ were made on Safire 129. I load it at approx 1.4. I personally love this canopy. Love the way it flies. Love the way it turns. Love the way it lands in windy days. And still can't land it on no-wind days. So far I had 2 really close calls under this canopy, and last weekend picked up a Spectre 135. Safire is definitely a more responsive and more fun of a canopy, but several hundred jumps are not really enough to be flying it and loading it this high.