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  1. Here is the cover of the issue of Vertical Mag
  2. Rick Sylvester jumped Mount Asgaard in 1976 for "The spy who loved me". The film crew was waiting many many days in Pang for a weather clearance. Two french expeditions went to Thor first in 2002 and then this year.
  3. Hello Lee, What were the precise dates you were in Sam Ford? It seems there was not that much snow on the slopes of PSSpire. Regards Marc
  4. I'm looking for the track "washed away" from Yelp. Does someone has it as a mp3? I love this f...g song; Takk
  6. MEA


    AMAZING landscapes!! thanks for sharing that !!
  7. Tom, I apologize for not respecting the forum rules. The fact is this guy simply doesn't care about anybody else but his own person. I would be surprise he really scores 935 jumps with this level of maturity. For littlestranger, i don't try to remain anonymous. And you? Marc Audap
  8. Whether you find it offending or not, this guy is nothing else that what I wrote. We don't really care here in Paris about his "own state". He came to OUR country, in OUR city, ruining OUR efforts, just to flatter HIS ego; He could at least excuse him self. But instead, he just declares not giving a about what will happen after his show... There's a big group of jumpers here who won't leave this behaviour unpunished.
  9. Yeah ! That's exactly what I wrote earlier : you're a jerk Johan. Someone gives you money so you'll go and jump, burning sites without paying attention to the locals. You're the dumbest assh.le I have ever read on this forum. Marc
  10. ...please...come to Paris and jump it again... make my day. You are just a bunch of badass with no respect for your BASE brothers. Marc
  11. Nick, Sorry to read your post and your complete misunderstanding. Are you grounded and frustrated or what? Did I ever wrote that I was denying my roots? Come on!! You're smarter than that. I BASE jump. Paralpinisme is just an association. The founders had to find a name that would not refer to extrem sports category. And my intention was not to debate about cliff jumping vs urban jumps; I have many building jumps including jumps in Hong Kong from 2IFC a little while before Tomb Raider. I enjoyed a lot the "John Vincent" kind of jump showed on MTV. I'll keep on jumping of buildings but stealthy. I'm blaming the belgian guy for ruining the efforts of others who are trying hard to maintain BASE jumping tolerated in the mountains. Would you appreciate that I come to your local object that you carefully jump, and send the video to the media showing stickers and flag all over it? Jeb Corliss did jump the Eiffel Tower (in a special way) but didn't send the video to the media if I remember well. But I would call him a jerk if he would have behaved the way the belgian did. Marc
  12. Hello Nick, I just read your comments about the negativ reaction some of us had about this Eiffel Tower jump. I might share some of your points. But despite your "matrix -neo- like " declaration about BASE jumping nowadays, BASE is not at all sheltered from being banned even in countries like France. Situation becomes even harder over here for cliff jumping. Some ecologist association are fighting hard to prevent us from jumping of cliffs. An association has just been founded to defend ourself . It's not an easy task and we even have to get in touch with "prefet" ( equivalent to your state governor) to defend our cause. These prefet don't really give a sh.t about us. We try hard to bring a positiv light to BASE jump. This fragile balance is threatened by this kind of media jump. I did my self this jump twice (I even got caught once). BUT I didn't brag about it to the media. Another point is that, some locals jump this object from time to time, discretly. It becomes harder and harder to sneak into the object. With such publicity, things will be almost impossible. And guess what? Each time Eiffel Tower jumps are on TV, it's the belgian crew. It's an obvious lack of respect for the locals and the entire BASE community. Marc (who is really pissed off)
  13. Johan, YOU'RE A JERK You should keep your videos for you instead of spraying it all over the media.And you should remove the stickers and flag from the tower. WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? go back in your tree Marc