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  1. seems like wafou skydiving in France use the 207 soloy with not much troubles. Probably a matter of pilot operating procedures 207 is great if you mix skydive and sighseeing ( 5pax on A 206 for sightseeing or air taxi and 7 on the 207 ) So i think if we talk skydive only 206 is a bit better If you want to have other uses and/or a best sale value 207 may be better
  2. Small mountain dropzone on a beautiful scenary, you can meet us to jump during weeks ( or occasionnaly WE if we are not booked with tandem jumps ) . you need to have at least 300 jumps and you rig, our dropzone is a mountain DZ with a cliff at only 900 meters of the airstrip and the landing zone is really short.
  3. We have now more than 10 cutaways with handcam ( 3 for me an 7 for my associate ) .. not interference so far .. BUT We keep considering hand cam to be more complex a jump.
  4. We use it as a full replacement and exist with a front roll in front of the cam . ( one hand cam plus one belly cam, all HD and computer mounted .. this is our business choice, futur will tell if we are wrong on our market or not ) We jump C182's .. and here this is not beeing greedy .. this is the way of survival .. the costs are not the same on our market. It could possibly entangle if used on the right hand with the drogue if ever the tandemmaster does not a good drogue throw out ... it is our concern to adress even those less than perfect jumps that we all saw on day or another ..
  5. because flying a hand cam requires more attention on your flying attitude to get good shots. If you fly an atom for exemple you won't be able to get good lateral shots without getting some slightly head down attitude .. you probably don't want to had more complexity to hand cam tandem jumps. We also saw many Tandemasters starting hand cam with Atom style container .. and if the top dogs of skydiving are able to manage it smoothly ( ex world champions ), the average tandemmaster is really more secure with a rig giving him flatter flying attitude. We tried both the systems and right now it seems to us that you get an easier jump with a Sigma or Advance .. or other central attachement drogue system and SO you are less likely to do a bad handcam on an uneasy passenger. Plus Sigma offers us the way to get a full shot ( opening with right hand ) .. but this has nothing to do with drogue attachement. Our choices are meant to sell our systems with confidence, we've seems tandemmasters with atom system and it was reall uneasy for them to get good shots .. ( except for the top dogs as i wrote before ) So until somebody can convince us ( with actual jumps ) that non central attachement are as easy to start and as safe to start with we'll keep on with this policy.
  6. We build hancam ( different one, lighter and with no neopren ) and we recommand at least 500 tdms and 200 tdms in the last year before starting it . We jump C182's and 100% handycam jumps, passengers from 40 to 115 kg with HOP canopies in sigma rigs . We also DO NOT recommend to jump handcam with a non central drogue system ( as ATOM VECTOR 2 .. etc ) we recommend SIGMA or ADVANCE or other center drogue attachement systems We recommend jumping it only on the LEFT hand to unsure no drogue entanglement We also recommend to have 5 solo jumps with the system before starting tandem jumps and we MANDATE reviewing ALL your procedures ( including water landing ) with the handcam ON. Handcam has to be treated with respect and care .. hope this wil help Team FL140 skydiving.
  7. YES, it has the same turbulences comportement as some paragliders .. anyway i jump two hop 330 in windy ( up to 20 kts ) and turbulent conditions ( mountain jumps ).. ALL you got to do is to fly it with a 10 to 20 % brakes set .. and not fly hands up before landing if it is very turbulent .. So if piloted with care and brakes it flies well .. probably the best tandem canopy i ever flew
  8. Hi douglas, I'll be offering next year BD too and the handycam footage will be taken with 3 cameras, one on the strut of my new C182 SMA, one on my ubicam hand cam mount ( v 2.0 ), and one taken by our ground crew. I'm trying to take the "high end" road with everything, from rigs to airplane and of course to videos. The VIP video package will add the freefall camera guy footage and the stills to our package .. So i'm still wondering if a macpro with two black design intensity and the on air software could help me this way : I make a first edit trough HDMI inputs into the intensity cards and then finish editing with final cut. Or would it be a better solution to get a more powerful Mac pro and to go AIC road or Hires road and to get all the footage edited in the NLE Let me know what would be the better solution in you own opinion. Best regards Vincent ( i'll probably provide you a ubicam V2 by march or april so that you can see where we ended with it )
  9. anybody tried it ?? I'm already jumping an hdrcx6 with our custom hand cam releasable glove but i need a wider angle of view ( the hdrcx6 is not so good here even with a 0.2X ). thanks
  10. Does somebody know where to get modified "no velcro" sigma risers ? or if upt plan to building some. I'm using a hop330 in my micro sigma and the velcro risers is a real problem as it is wearing the steering lines real fast. thanks Vince
  11. we just bought a cx7 to use in tandem skydiving and to build a modified version of our UBICAM glove on it's form factor. Should be ready in weeks. I'll post some pictures here Vince Ozonefly
  12. the two only tandem rigs i'm gonna sell are Sigma ( the best US tandem ) and Advance ( the best eu tandem to my own opinion )
  13. Yep sir, As a parapro i could jump a bed sheet if i wanted to But i may have french customers found of Sigma tandem and working as BEES. I really like ADVANCE tandems but the SIGMA is also a good rig, and as a retailer it is my duty to sell it to anybody that wants it and is alloweded to jump with.
  14. I'm wondering about using sigmas in europe Actualy sigma systems are tso 23b ( or am i wrong ? ) but are drop tested to 23d but not certified. The EASA ( european equivalent of faa ) ask for a e-tso or j-tso and i heard that rigs certified tso 23b can't get to those standards. It means that sigma's cannot be used, or will not be anymore allowed to jump in near future. ?? right ? But as EASA is notoriously not competent on skydiving rigs EASP association ( P for parachutes ) was created that aims to help EASA understand skydiving rigs and build regualations. I heard EASP wants EASA to autorize military certified rigs ?? is that true ? Could RWS ( UPT ) try to get in touch with EASP ( eric fradet is a member of EASP ) so that their military certifications could be used as an equivalence. What are this certifications ? number ? SIGMA's are real good rigs, and if nothing is done about this we may end someday with no more insurance avaiable on those rigs. If somebody has clear answers just let me know.
  15. A friendly Dropzone with kind operators, mainly jumping tandems year round. As their aircraft is the only 208 turbine caravan in france you can get 14 people in the air 3 times on hour. Beautifull seashore + once a month in granville beach. Some freefly and wingsuit events in 2006 One full time master rigger lives in the hangar, gilles is a real friendly guy and works on all rigs.