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  1. It's an ad for a Cookie box for a Sony cx-100 with Flatlock mount and adaptor. Expires in December, 10 th or 20th, if I remember correctly. If you can't findit, I'll be more exact. BTW: Thank you! Doug
  2. I loaded the wrong photo to an ad in the classifieds. There is no way to delete it.
  3. I still have the complete Sony HD-CX100 setup available, with every accessory. You never got back to me about it. If you want to do it on cheap, I have a used Sony PC-100 with wide angle lens, used extra batteries, and a box with 8 or 9 tapes. I've attached a pic of the setup.
  4. Spot, You carry this thing about emulating my skydiving career way too far! Seriously, you sound like you're on your way back. I am surprised that they can't help you to manage the pain better. There is a tradeoff between alertness and pain, however. Do what the mean ole PT people tell you and you'll be back in the air in reasonable time. Just watch out for the doctor who tells you that nobody in his right mind should skydive. He's correct of course, but that isn't the point. Heal! Doug
  5. Just a word of information. It takes the ProTrack about 7 seconds, according to Mads Larsen, to decide that it is involved in a jump and to begin recording it. I am a student and recently did my 'hop and pop'. The ProTrack recorded nothing! Apparently I exited, got stable and deployed to inflation all in under 7 seconds. Hooray for me, but.. If you do this sort of stuff, the ProTrack will not assist you. After such a jump, you need to advance the jump count on the logbook screen and add a few seconds to the accumulated freefall time, if you wish. Mads indicates that JumpTrack will accept all of this. I haven't checked yet. I was massively impressed by a personal, weekend response from Mads to my inquiry about what had happened. Would that other firms took customer service anywhere near as seriously. I have no intention of ever jumping without a ProTrack!
  6. I am currently doing AFF at Cross Keys - about level 6. The program at XK is 3 tandems, then a 4-hour ground school,7 or more AFP jumps with an instructor, then coached jumps until signed off or the minimum of 25, as needed. Somewhere along the line you need to learn to pack for about $50. Rates are around (it varies) $175 for the tandem and $155 for instructor jumps, including gear but not tips. Deals are available for on-line purchases, cash, certain periods (Student Daze) and for bulk purchases. Coached jumps are a bit less. I can't currently speak to the numbers, as I haven't gotten there. As I understand it, you begin to rent demo gear and pay for repacking. I would count on around $2,500 to get your A license if all goes smoothly. You'll need an altimeter, jumpsuit, and helmet somewhere along the line -- $400 to $1,000. Almost everyone recommends renting your rig until you are about 100 dives in. You will want to demo and downsize (Slowly!!), so buying makes little sense. The instructors are all good. You can either take pot luck or choose and stick with a single instructor. Personalities and styles are quite varied, from neo-Prussian to very laid back; pick the one that speaks to your learning style. As for getting lost: Avoid weekends -- tandems are the first priority since they are the entry and the money-maker. Go early -- start varies from 8 to 10 AM; be there and manifest (sign for a jump) early. Go on days with iffy weather, manifest, then just hang out or learn to pack or whatever....until the weather breaks, which it mostly does. Make yourself nown; talk to everybody. The bar opens at sunset; buy a round for some folks then ask your questions--surefire way to hear the lore and get advice. Packing is, I believe, $6, maybe $10. The membership you need is in US Parachute Assn. $51/year. Get it now from the USPA Web site; it takes a few days to arrive. Otherwise you will have to pay for a $15 monthly membership to cover the time until your annual card arrives. The system is awkward. Your question about the tunnel means you've done your homework. I just returned from the one in Orlando, FL. I learned more in an hour there with an instructor than I would have in scores of dives. Its also great because you get immediate feedback and the chance to try things repeatedly. Also, it's great, damn fun!! About $600 per hour plus instructor. I very much recommend doing that between the tandems and first AFP jump. You will save both time and money! Also, it's great, damn fun!! I had my own instructor; maybe they can provide one. I don't know. Also, it's great, damn fun!! Blue skies!
  7. I did. Surprise, surprise! She still hates the earring and is a little negative about the nipples but has come around about the Apadravya. Visible, you see, is bad, while functional is good. I think that is one of the questions that you should ask, especially about genital piercings, "Will my SO really enjoy it?" If not, you're just making trouble! Doug
  8. I'm a novice diver who has gone through some tough jumps recently. Sara always had a big smile and something positive to say or a clever remark to brighten my gloomy outlook after a less-than-successful dive. Although I knew her briefly, it was as warm, caring, helpful, and cheerful person. I know that adds little to the notes above, but it's the small remembrance that I can contribute. Yonatan: You took me on my first tandem. When you heal some, take me for my "A" cert dive. You've got some time. Doug