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  1. Ha! Are you suggesting most jumpers are nutters? Well, if you are, you're probably right! Woo hoo! Blue skies!!
  2. Letting anyone skydive under the influence of any alcohol at all is a really bad idea. The guy who hammered in NJ while twice over the legal limit was a fatality waiting to happen, and it did. Same goes for people who jump stoned. People, even experienced jumpers, who jump drunk or stoned shouldn't be tolerated. Even if the FAA "changed the rules" to allow a tandem customer to jump with 1 beer's worth of alcohol (not very likely), the DZ's legal liability if that passenger got hurt or worse on a jump would STILL be so high that it would take your breath away (and maybe take that DZ away). Many whuffos in local governments are hostile to dropzones for any excuse at all. What if the local town or county says you've violated zoning laws and tries to shut you down? And how are you going to be sure how much alcohol is really in that person's system? Because you only see "1 can"? That just means you saw the LAST can. Because they "tell" you how much they've had? As a DZO, or TI, are you willing to stake your legal liability or your ability to keep operating your DZ, or your TI cert on that? Also, some medications greatly enhance the effect of small amounts of alcohol, and vice versa. Are you going to give your tandem customers breathalyzer tests before they jump? Blood tests to see if they've taken meds that combine badly with alcohol? No, it's just too much of a risk. A tandem customer is a student skydiver, always -- not the same thing as a passenger on an airline. An airline passenger would have to gain access to the cockpit to do many things (ok, not all things) that might make the pilot wreck the aircraft; a tandem passenger is IN the cockpit -- for crissakes, they ARE the cockpit -- why take a chance that they're going to do something stupid or dangerous if whatever combination of chemicals that is in their bloodstream makes them unpredictable?
  3. Yea, what he said That was reason I went to the tunnel in the first place before I ever jumped to remove that exact stress AFF. Being able to maintain stability and turn without thinking much about it, frees the mind to concentrate on the tasks of the dive flow ================================================== "Tunnel time" is a great idea in theory, but just not practical for a lot of people. Unfortunately, there aren't that many tunnels in existence, and lots of people live way too far away from a tunnel to be able to commute to one on a driving day trip.