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  1. Yeah but since everything in the Southern Hemisphere is upside down, wouldn't that make a head-down a head-up?
  2. It's halfway between Buffalo and Rochester Edited to add: Dayum, beat me to it by 5 mins.
  3. Maybe...or maybe it's a matter of marketing. We all know that some of the best marketing is telling the consumer what he wants. Look at NASCAR auto racing. To some, it's interesting, but to others, it's just cars going round & round & round. But the professional marketers got involved and made heroes of these wheel gods. Sure, the guys in Tuscaloosa and Raleigh and Jacksonville all liked the Petty boys, but, I mean, who the fuck is Jeff Gordon? Answer: he's a fungible commodity whose face is on the Wheaties box, so the kids in LA, and Minneapolis and Long Island all wanna be him, and now NASCAR racing is popular nation-wide, not just in the deep South. Sell skydiving, and a few sky gods, like a well-packaged detergent and maybe it will start to interest the masses enough to get some air time. For starters, let's play that introductory video featuring "that guy who looks like ZZ Top"
  4. But you still haven't addressed the burning question of rythmic gymnastics (the twirly-ribbony thing). How could we possibly compete with that?? It's hopeless.
  5. I hope she doesn't tell anyone about that tattoo on my butt. That would be embarassing.
  6. What he said!! I swear I was just about to post the same thing (because it was my experience too) but he beat me to it by about 2 minutes. Mountainman, we're going to look you up in about 10 or 15 years. You'll be all stressed from teaching that "new kid" of yours how to drive...thinking about some way to relieve all that stress...and..hmmm... As far as we're concerned, you're not're just taking a sabbatical.
  7. Ok, not to beat this thing to death, but you're still going way beyond the narrow point of my post, which was really focused strictly on the canopy. My original reason for amusement at this subject was some time ago when I read, in a different thread, someone refer to the Para-Commander as a "death rig", and he got a reply from someone else who used to jump a PC, loved his old rig, and took issue with the slanderous label. I've tried & failed to make this a clicky, but here's the search string that (I hope) takes you to that thread/discussion.;search_string=%22death%20rigs%22;#844438 Since I've had similar conversations as that one with people, as I presume others have, I just continued the thought with my own post in this thread. Oh, and as for my large cajones: thank you for the compliment.
  8. Skr- That was much like my experience, too, although, I'm younger than you (relatively speaking ) and have a hell of a lot fewer total jumps than you. I took a long hiatus myself due to family & career (I'm in a mixed marriage; she's a Whuffo). When I put my jumping on hold, by far the most common cause of fatalities was terminal impact. Used to be, once you had a landable canopy over your head, your life was saved, and that was that. Upon my return to the sport, my biggest culture shock was not the advances in gear technology or the sophistication of the jumping (which I was mentally prepared for), it was how many people were dying under good canopies. After I returned to jumping for my "second" time, the first 2 "incidents" of people I actually knew were canopy collisions. The first one was a fatality; the jumper got hung up with another canopy, & cut away too low to go to reserve. The second was another 2-jumper canopy hang-up; he got loose but his main was fucked up; he had trouble cutting away so he dumped his reserve into his main, and it only partially inflated. He survived, but just barely, and was in critical condition for about 3 weeks. Anyhow when this new reality first dawned on me it was a Rip Van Winkle kind of experience. At first, it left me amazed. Now it just makes me sick. We've been talking mostly about "more" (?) experienced jumpers screwing up under canopy, but a word about students, too, and more than just under canopy. AFF, AFP, etc. has its good points; I'm not for going back to the ole daze when S/L progression sometimes took so damn long to get to a freefall long enough to get past the sensory overload that it was ridiculous. But between the canopies and the really early multi-ways, a lot of these 30-jump students are in way over their heads and are accidents waiting to happen. Just look at the breathless posts from the AFF students recounting how on their 4th-ever jump they really were never in control for 40 full seconds of freefall, or basically just couldn't process all their shit and their AFFI had to pull for them to save their life. Then when they "graduate" after barely a few more "accelerated" jumps, they think they're ready for 10-ways, head-downs and swooping. I get shivers reading those posts. I almost (almost) wonder why we even bother having this collective conversation, in this and so many other threads, or with fellow "more mature" jumpers in the beer tent. When we speak to each other, we're just preaching to the choir. Most of the DZO's won't listen to us; the newer jumpers all tune us out because when we speak, all they hear is their parents telling them to eat their vegetables, the USPA is almost as useless as the BPA (and if that's the level of comparison, someone please shoot me). We all say, "Why should I have to land way out just to be safe from Joe Hotshit, make HIM land way out, or let him start his own all-swooping DZ." I'd like to think we could collectively campaign to change the culture, starting with the DZO's, but to be honest, I'm not holding my breath waiting for it to happen.
  9. You know, its' those little furry dolls that..... Ok...really, it's someone who starts a thread or makes a post with something outrageous, just to provoke other people into giving a hot-headed reply. Similar to a person who makes an ethnic slur in a chat room just to see if he can get people to rise to the bait. The idea being that it's better to ignore or out the buttheads than to enable them by arguing with them.
  10. What he said. I was all set to give the guy a rational answer, but I think your approach makes more sense.
  11. No doubt about it; of course the squares are better than the old rounds. But that misses my point. First of all, a 26' round reserve, which was basically a cheapo-style canopy that was even smaller than the standard 28' or 35' cheapo main, landed a hell of a lot harder than the P-C main I was talking about. But my real point is my amusement whenever I see the occasional post by someone who wasn't around when good P-C's & French Paps were still being jumped who just presumes, for no other reason than because you no longer see those canopies being jumped anymore (because the technology has been superseded), that they were scary things that were as likely as not to either kill or femur you -- when in fact that was far from the case. That being said, sure, I'd never trade-in a ram-air for a round today. But to make an analogy, just because a 2005 Lexus might be a a better & safer car than a 1975 Chrysler, and hardly any '75's are on the road anymore, doesn't mean the '75's were all death machines back when they were commonplace. I don't know...maybe one simply has to live long enough to have watched 30 or so years of technology develop to understand that point...
  12. It was reported today the the Cleveland Plain Dealer chose not to run two investigative stories derived partly on leaked information due to fear of prosecutors' subpoenas. The paper said this is the first time in its entire history it has ever decided to censor itself that way, but felt compelled to do so due to the new climate. We Americans have been using the words "Freedom" and "Liberty" as synonymous with our nation's most precious values since long before most of us, or even our parents, were born. Look at the old newsreels run in movie theaters during World War 2 - always under the heading of "what we're fighting for." And it is what we fought for. Think about the importance of real, genuine freedom of the press as the foundation of those freedoms and liberties. Think about how any free, democratic nation can remain free and democratic if those freedoms and liberties are eroded. Now reflect upon the past 4 years or so and consider how some of those freedoms and liberties are being slowly, steadily eroded -- more than just about any other time during our lifetimes. Hint: the timing is no coincidence.
  13. The mentality of Olympic "officials": they add rythmic gymnastics (you know, that thing where they twirl the long ribbons) and synchronized swimming. Real mainstream sports, eh? Then they remove baseball. Bottom line: consider the source. (Real bottom line: they can bite me.)
  14. Hardy-har. Same reason you ain't either: cuz I ain't a skinny kid no more. I think my old gear's in the Smithsonian now...
  15. Absolutely nothing. But the more I say that the more I get looks like I'm talking about horse 'n buggy days. After a while, I grow weary of preaching to deaf ears. And to answer the original post: No, I don't consider all these losses under canopy to be "acceptable". In fact, landing fatalities under "prefectly good canopies" was probably the biggest culture shock I experienced when I returned to the sport after a long hiatus. I'm sure I'm not alone in that experience. There's a difference between appreciation / assumption of the risk, and accepting preventable losses.
  16. Oh, for cryin' out loud, guys, you make it sound like Para-Commanders were death rigs that pile-drove you into the ground. In fact, they were safe, reliable, and gave very decent landings to thousands of jumpers. I loved my first PC, and didn't have a single cutaway on it in about 150 jumps. (My first reserve ride was jump #57, jumping a cheapo, and that was a 4-pin ripcord hard pull-total; not a canopy malfunction.) The cheapos' landings were a bit harder, but not terribly so (for us skinny kids), and they opened quite reliably if you were a student with [ahem] stability problems. Oh, and one more thing: once you had a "perfectly good" round over you, it was almost unheard of that you might still die under it.
  17. If you're jumping solo, or jumping your own dive plan, maybe. But on that jump, no. After reading JasonRose's post about your jump, it's now clear why your coach said you should have been in the saddle by 3,5 -- because he gave you a dive plan that INSTRUCTED you to pull by 4 grand, but instead you pulled at least 500 feet lower than his instructions. If you've got 30-something jumps and you're jumping with a D-licensed coach who gives you a dive plan, you should dive the coach's plan. Did you make a conscious decision that you needed another 500 feet to get enough horizontal separation for safety? If so, discuss it with your coach and see what he says. If not, then it's understandable that he gave you some constructive criticism.
  18. I went looking for it when I saw this thread. I've probably moved about 20 times since my first jump, but amazingly, it's still stuck in the same foot locker I used to carry my worldly goods around in back in the 70's (when rock n' roll acheived perfection...)
  19. Shouldn't this thread be moved to the Gear & Rigging forum?
  20. No point in whinin'...we just get our loads in in the morning, cuz the afternoons turn to shit.. skies!
  21. John & Arvel - what a great article! It's so refreshing to see a positive, and accurate, article written in the mainstream press about our sport. Blue skies!
  22. When babies are newborns, their shit is mostly liquified, as that's what their diet is. When they're about 2 weeks old, they get very gaseous, under pretty high pressure, which propels the liquid shit outta there at damn near terminal velocity. Being the dutiful dad, I usually gave our oldest her first diaper change of the morning. One morning I was changing her diaper when she let one go - a stream of high-velocty liquid shit flew out and went in a neat stream right up my shirt and onto my face. 16 years later, I'm teaching her to drive now, and it's me shitting my pants. Go figure.
  23. Screw the'll have a nice juicy mouselet. Dip in water, then flour, then egg, then Italian bread crumbs. Deep fry. All things considered, do not undercook.
  24. Modern“square” pizzas are actually elliptical. You have to learn to make the transition from a round pie to a square pie – we had to learn it back in the day; you have to learn it, too. A round pie is easy to handle, while a square pizza is a high-performance pie. Get proper coaching and learn to use it properly.
  25. [reply If saving a buck is worth having a shitty flying experience then go for it. Ehh, you get what you pay for. I just flew Southwest round trip between Ft Lauderdale & Boston (a 3-hour flight) on an Internet special for $63 each way, which adding tax, fees, etc. cost me $159 total. That's pretty damned good. I left Wed & returned Tues, & booked only about 10 days in advance. The plane & service were about the same as any other airline. As for the no-reserve seating, just make a sport out of it; there's always some little old lady you can elbow down to the ground as you & the rest of the cattle stampede thru the access tube. Great fun.