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  1. And today it's Mike Huckabee's turn. Invoking the Holocaust and making an "oven" reference for its exquisite sound-byte-ability. Now for the next day Huckabee's name will be mentioned - all replete with competing expressions of outrage, support and mocking. (Lay you even odds that Alan Dershowitz weighs in.)

    Cuz nobody's been talking about Huckabee for a while. And that simply will not do.

    Every candidate's staff are busily scratching their heads: "Hmm, what kind of shit can OUR guy say to put him in the headlines for a couple news cycles?" And so it goes.

  2. jgoose71

    The real story has nothing to do with race or lives that matter. The real story is "Marty O'Malley drops his pants, then says 'Oops, did I do that? Gosh, sorry!' "

    True. I wish he wouldn't have said "Gosh I'm sorry" though. I wish he would have said something to the effect they we are all equals. That is the message.

    If he'd said we're all equals he'd have gotten zero press. He said the first thing to get his name on the radar. He then did a little 2-step to play both ends against the middle. THAT was the message, and it was all pre-planned, both the statement and the backpedal.
    Nothing else mattered. Subject was beside the point.

  3. All publicity is good publicity. Trump and Cruz are showing that, right?
    Well, on the Dem side, there's Hillary, Bernie, and.... that other guy who nobody knows, and everybody ignores. Well, now That Other Guy finally has a name. The message is really irrelevant. Always was.

    The real story has nothing to do with race or lives that matter. The real story is "Marty O'Malley drops his pants, then says 'Oops, did I do that? Gosh, sorry!' "

  4. ryoder

    I read an interesting article the other day about Trump and his money. The author speculated that if he had simply put his money into something boring and did absolutely nothing expect live off the interest he would have been FAR better off than anything else he's actually done with it.

    From post 34:

    Utterly irrelevant. If he were to die tomorrow, like him or not, people would say about him: "He sure lived a life."

  5. Quote

    Until the electoral collage is disbanded it will ALWAYS come down to a red vs blue decision, decided by a minority of states.

    That's the first part. The other part is elimination of plurality rule, i.e., "first past the post" elections, which maintain 2-party rule and make viable, lasting third parties almost impossible. To take its place, and encourage third parties, institute double-ballot majority rule, i.e., if a party or candidate fails to win an absolute majority on the first ballot, a run-off election is held between the top 2 vote-getters.

    See, Duverger's Law.

  6. I appreciate and respect that this is a painful subject for some. I don't like cheaters, but I don't like busybodies, either, even if someone is being careless and not discreet. Sometimes the closeness of the relationship between the "observer" and the presumed "victim" is an important factor. If it was a close relative or friend, AND I felt I had enough insight into their relationship with their SO to recognize that they were getting hosed, I suppose I might say something. A co-worker, or a casual acquaintance? Unless they and I were well on our way to becoming close friends, AND I had that level of insight into their relationship with their SO, I'd consider it none of my fucking business; and no, I wouldn't consider myself complicit.

  7. Croc

    didn't Gen. Wesley Clark say, during McCain's 2008 Presidential campaign, that getting shot down didn't qualify anyone to be President?

    So what? Wesley Clark, who was sort of forced into retiring from the Army in 2000, ran for President (as a Dem) in 2004 and considered running for President (as a Dem) in 2008 until ultimately endorsing Hillary Clinton. McCain obviously was the opponent of Clark's party in the upcoming election. By 2008, McCain had served 25 years in the US Congress, 21 of them in the US Senate; those were his qualifications. So when Clark tossed that silly dig at McCain in 2008, he wasn't invoking the wisdom of a military officer, he was spinning election-season bullshit as a partisan politician.

  8. Driver1

    The shooting has prompted a Florida gun shop owner to declare his store a "Muslim-Free zone"


    Hey, it's Florida! :D

    Stupid drooler didn't even have an original thought. That gun range in Arkansas got its free publicity a few months ago doing the same thing.

    I swear. The search for the missing link can be so easily solved. Just look for the St. Andrews Cross.

  9. stayhigh

    California is paying for all of those. We are paying for his fuck ups. We are paying because the guy didn't have insurance.

    So whenever people say, "oh we are paying for other people's hospital bills, yadaydaya."

    We fucking pay for them anyways.

    Free college for everyone? We are already doing that. Fasfa, Pell Grant, all of that.

    Aside from the fact that fafsa & pell grant are federal, and not state, programs....'s all about who gets what slice of the tax rev pie. Maybe some people are ok with their tax dollars going to support a bloated military and thereby subsidize all the Europeans' health coverage and free uni tuition by providing their security umbrella. Oh, and bailouts for the larcenous oligarchs who are too big to fail.
    Me, I'd rather take the money from them and give more of it to college students, femuring skydivers and octo-baby mommas. Oh, and guillotines for the larcenous oligarchs.

  10. rehmwa

    ***>As he made clear (and as McCain understood) Franken was joking.

    Al Franken, has never succeeded at making a single person laugh. He was, possibly, worse at acting and comedy, than he is at politics.

    but, dog gone it, people like him

    I don't like the food you like. Therefore, it is bad; and what's more, not a single other person likes it.

  11. Quote

    Reed... served as mayor from 1981 to 2010... The editorial for Penn Live called the charges "a textbook lesson in what happens when one man, answerable to almost no one, stays in power for entirely too long."

    Put another way, this is a poster-child example of the need for term limits.

  12. regulator



    Sarcasm dude. As stated one was a war hero. I think if they had am M-4 instead of a sign, the results would have been different

    My point was that the "Gun Free Zone" was not in place because the Marines are anti-gun lefty nutjobs, which is the common place people are getting ready to go when they bring up the gun free zone thing.

    Most likely, the Marines decided that having recruiters armed would not lead to the welcoming atmosphere they are trying to promote at a recruiting station. On most military bases, soldiers/sailors/airmen/Marines are not allowed to have privately owned weapons in their residences. The DoD has decided that the risk of suicide/accident/fratricide is higher than the risk of the base being attacked. So far, they are right.

    The individual marines didn't get to decide jack squat. That was DOD mandated.

    I'm pretty sure he was referring to the Marine Corps.

  13. Did you fact-check that snippet? It's a bit massaged.
    2 of his crashes as a young pilot could & should probably have been avoided.
    3rd crash was an engine-out of undetermined cause. Yeah, he was an arrogant hot shot back then.
    But in any event, then he went to Nam. Pretty much voluntarily. As contrasted with Trump, who availed himself of multiple deferments, Cheney-style.
    The 4th incident which the author smarms up was when he was in a plane on the Forrestal deck when another plane on deck accidentally fired off a missile and hit the plane next to McCain's. I find the article author's characterization of that incident, and McCain's "involvement" in it, to be pretty scuzzy.
    Then he got shot down. You know, while placing himself in the line of enemy fire and staying on bomb run instead of juking when he got toned.
    PS, while he was a POW, Charlie offered to release him out of turn because he was an admiral's kid, but he told them to fuck off, and endured quite some more turture as his reward. Yes, very cowardly.

    No doubt, McCain has used his POW status to give himself quite a ride. He turned himself into a classic politician, and in his personal life was apparently somewhat of a philanderer. But facts are facts, and spin is spin, and I see the latest swift-boating of McCain as pretty scummy. I'm very glad he and Palin lost the election, but he really doesn't deserve this installment of smear.