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  1. Hezbollah is on Assad's side, you have it backwards. >>>>>I doubt that at any time, that any weapons from Syria will will be going to Hezbollah. Hezbollah being Shia, and funded by Iran, Sunni and Hezbollah are already fighting in Lebanon, they will not be getting any favors from the Sunni rebels. The Sunni's are already staring to get restless with the Shia dominated government in Iraq, and now with Iran loosing Assad, I bet Iraq explodes. ======================================= Well, Hezbollah, the Syrian Sunni and the Syrian Shia all have a certain common enemy next door to them, now don't they? Even if materiel from Syrian rebels doesn't eventually get shared with Hezbollah, al Quaeda's intertwining with the Syrian rebels is increasing steadily. The point is: if US arms are given to Syrian rebels on the ground, they will eventually be used against US and US allies' interests.
  2. Yeah, that'll go over well, too. What many moderates will see, especially those who were already of age when Reagan and Brady were shot, and so remember when that happened, is people showing irrational insensitivity toward the victim and family of the victim of somebody who was lobotomized by a bullet in the civil service of his country. Much the same as those currently doing some pretty ugly name calling at Gabrielle Giffords (and her mil-vet, astronaut husband), another person who was lobotomized by a bullet in the civil service of her country. Dumb, just dumb.
  3. I'm still curious to see how well it works with Iran.
  4. Just to digress a sec, the fairly frequent use of that vaguely mocking term is going to be viewed as rhetorical chickenshit - a sort of thinly-veiled name-calling - by the large number of as-yet undecided moderates and fence-sitters. Bad form and counter-productive, and (IMO) beneath someone like yourself, who is blessed with intelligence and the ability to articulate well. Just a little coaching; and you don't even have to cover my slot.
  5. why? who cares what she thinks? the same reason Holocaust deniers are ridiculed. They frame Germans as the victims, the good guys, and Jews as the evil super conspirators. This woman is asserting that American killed her boys for some odd reason, and then staged this massive conspiracy to justify it...days earlier. no, it doesn't matter if she continues to believe her fantasy, but any attempt by her to further it does need to be countered. Fortunately the claims are so retarded that it doesn't take very much. I don't think it's so much an "attempt by her" as it is her speaking from the gut when microphones are shoved in her face. What she should say is nothing; but unlike her well-educated, articulate brother-in-law Ruslan, she doesn't have the sophistication to handle herself capably in that crucible of emotion and public scrutiny.
  6. Hezbollah is on Assad's side, you have it backwards. I wasn't clear. I meant that once Assad fell, which I do think is inevitable, the present rebels - who currently seem to have some loose ties to al Quaeda, will be the new guys in power, and there will be a realignment. the former rebels will reach an accommodation with Hezbollah, and that will include some transfer of materiel in the long run. Over the short run, weapons to rebels will probably bleed-over into al Quaeda units. And al Quaeda and Hezbollah have overlapping (even if not identical) agendas, as well as common enemies. But yes, I could have said it better.
  7. It's not in your poll, but- I'd support US involvement in a multinationally-participated no-fly zone similar to what was done in Libya, preferably (but not mandatorily) pursuant to a UN resolution, and as long as there was at least one other Muslim (preferably Arab) country whose warplanes were participating in Syrian airspace. I do not agree to giving weapons to Syrian rebels on the ground. They would almost certainly make their way to Hezbollah fairly quickly.
  8. Oh, fuck that. We heard it from the reliable friend of a reliable friend. Lock & load!
  9. You're lucky I don't have the [ban] button available anymore What, you hate trains? You hate Sheldon? Touchy. I watched that show once at the urging of a friend, ("Ooh, you'll love it!"). It sucked rocks. My wife got me into it; and I'm not much of a TV watcher these days. I think it's funny as hell, well written and well acted. Helps a lot to know the characters.
  10. You're lucky I don't have the [ban] button available anymore What, you hate trains? You hate Sheldon? Touchy.
  11. Yes, yes, I know; right after I wake up and smell the coffee.
  12. Words fail me. Hey, anybody can call me names.... Just don't use the word "toad". I agree the man is "tan", but there's evidence he was raised a "muslim" too. If you think he became a Christian, just call Rev Wright. He was "once" a muslim too. All these guys had to dump islam for political expediency. Barrack Hussein Obama is walking a tight rope. No doubt, he is viewed as an apostate in some muslim circles. You realize this is exactly the kind of caveman shit that lost you the last 2 presidential elections, right? Please stay politically active - I want the Dems to win some more!
  13. Typical liberals such as President Eisenhower and Gen. Douglas MacArthur knew this and repeatedly warned us about it. We ignored them. How's that worked out for us?
  14. OMFG This, right here, is a poster child example of what Bobby Jindal is talking about when he begs his fellow Republicans to stop being The Party of Stupid.
  15. Uh, I don't think he's Greek.
  16. I can get you a discount from guy named Hey Zeus. Cash only.
  17. Yeah, not much cotton pickin' going on there.
  18. I thought engineers were the guys that get to drive the trains. I like trains.
  19. Does your lawn service use only US citizens? Are you sure the people who do the work aren't undocumented workers? Have you bothered to verify that all of their employees have the legal right to work in the USA? Do they have workmens comp insurance? Did you check? Didn't think so. As an avowed Right Wing Conservative, why haven't you done any of this? I take it you never buy or eat vegetables without doing the necessary due diligence yourself. Out of respect for the OP, I won't say more.
  20. I'm not remotely an Obamacare or health insurance expert. This might not fully answer your question, but... There are some people in the US who, if they can't get employer-provided health insurance, currently cannot obtain their own private health insurance because the private health insurance industry classifies them as "uninsurable" due to certain types of pre-existing conditions. Under Obamacare, some time in 2014 private health insurance coverage will be available to people with preexisting conditions.
  21. Are any of these tuff-guys up-thread dads? If not, that's why they don't know what the f*** they're talking about. If they are, they're so full of shit... Actually - I just have a foundation that stands in reality. She should try it. Yeah, OK. Any silly twat can be a keyboard kommando.