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  1. No I think you have that confused with the blue utility uniforms submariners wear. "Dress Blues" are an Air Force uniform (uh cut that out right now I know and can hear what you're thinking!). The Navy and the Air Force don't want to be confused with one another. Besides, the Village People never sang songs about the Air Force. No, I think you are missing his reference. Indeed! Yes indeedy. But back to it: Everyone will be required to play the harmonica.
  2. +100. Can't emphasize enough how important that is.
  3. The hull welds will be crooked with little seamen. Everyone will be required to wear dress blues.
  4. I can understand her family's resentment, and their denials. She apparently rescued her brother Isaiah from them and assumed custody of him, and he now chooses not to communicate with them as he gets on with his life. And they certainly don't appreciate her supporting the alleged victim of her other brother Joshua, who currently stands accused by the state of Colorado, pending trial, of four counts of felony sexual assault. Yeah, there are plenty of clues.
  5. Hey, speaking of undeserving, there's an aircraft carrier commemorating Ronald Reagan's stateside service making movies during WWII.
  6. Is it even within your ability to understand the back story? No, not as long you and your barstool buds can keep up the talking points of how downtrodden you are by all the Negroes getting their free stuff. They're comin' to git ya!
  7. No, you can thank her vindictive parents, who are retaliating against her for exposing their abuse of children, for removing her African-American younger adoptive brother from their abusive home, and for her support of the victim who has accused her older brother of criminal sexual abuse. Gee, now why on earth might someone in her shoes be psychologically motivated to deny her immediate blood relatives, and to establish an entirely new, independent identity through which to live out the remainder of her life, and perhaps allow herself and her kid brother to heal a bit? One cannot imagine.
  8. Why not? The Navy can name a ship for whomever or whatever it wants. Giffords is who they picked. If anyone should be upset it's her husband. Why? All he ever did was show up.
  9. When some day they name a ship after Bill Clinton, it absolutely must be a submarine.
  10. Well, many, if not most, ship-namings are rather political, and this one is, too; but in fairness I think it's more than just "showing up". She took a bullet through the head while making a public appearance as a member of Congress. Compare that with, for example, Senator John Stennis, who made much of his career as a racist opponent of civil rights. Interestingly enough, he took a bullet, too, while in Congress, but that was a garden-variety robbery. Anyhow, he's got an aircraft carrier named after him. Bob Hope never served a day in government or in the military, and I don't think he ever got shot. Of course, he sure did a lot of showing up. He has a Navy ship named after him, too. Anyhow, back to Giffords. I find it interesting that she and another public figure, Reagan's press secretary James Brady, were each lobotomized and permanently disabled by bullets in the line of public service duty, yet they each came to be widely vilified by the Neanderthal wing of the US. Some things just speak for themselves, I guess.
  11. Rumor has it: they check in, but they never check out.
  12. But try to buy, say, a statin for cholesterol control without a prescription. Or a medication to deal with BPH because you have difficulty peeing. My wife the MD reckons that prescriptions should be required ONLY for narcotics and similar drugs. The rest is just maintaining a revenue stream for physicians. Even more so, for shareholders and (preferred share-holding) senior execs of pharmaceutical companies.
  13. Here's another summary that seems relevant: Rich Californians balk at limits: ‘We’re not all equal when it comes to water’
  14. I think you need to re-read it, and maybe squint a bit. There's the ostensible message, and then there's the message, lent deft and plausible camouflage by the ostensible message. Both are there, and both are apparent.
  15. As a dad of young adults myself, I have to wonder about her parents. I mean it's not like she's a unabomber or something like that. Estranged or not, it takes some mighty powerful anger to deliberately and publicly fuck over your own child's life and career like that. I mean, wow.
  16. How about: Her house is THAT way [arrow]
  17. If you look up the history of how eugenics have been applied and abused, it most certainly has the potential to be the dark side of the force. Analogies sometimes just don't analogize. But I'm on a phone now, and gotta get my Sunday morning going.
  18. You don't agree that it would benefit society to have the same approval process for general pregnancy as there is for adoption? What you're describing amounts to essentially to eugenics, in practical effect. Some on these boards ostentatiously posture to subscribe to that. They're full of hot air. Don't be seduced by it, and don't underestimate its potential for abuse.
  19. Yes, yes, but pools are racist. You can pee in a pool; you can't pee into a waiting period. If you don't swim in my toilet, I won't pee in your pool. Wait, wait! Guns don't kill toddlers, toddlers kill toddlers! Good thing this little guy wasn't hampered by a waiting period. Now he'll never get to pee in the pool! Hey, thanks for keeping me on track. I'm easily distracted.
  20. Yes, yes, but pools are racist. You can pee in a pool; you can't pee into a waiting period.
  21. Waiting periods don't kill people; people kill people!