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  1. I got to meet Emho* in the late '90s while visiting Ovid. Enjoyed his company and the DZ. Blue skies Emho! *Early morning hard on. :)
  2. Ah, the Oban. I remember him riding his motorcycle into the bar at the Bent Prop. Thanks John.
  3. He passed away Thursday, the 16th of February, 2017, after a time in hospital. He had been hit by a car in January in Tucson, while riding his bicycle to his volunteer dog-walking gig at PACC. Blue skies Dave.
  4. Some of you may remember John as the "Team Flail" organizer at Skydive Arizona. Blue skies, John. Thanks for the jumps.
  5. Great guy, worked at Marana, AZ dropzone as a videographer. Thanks for the jumps, Bob.
  6. Your birthday celebration of 70 jumps made the local news here in Tucson. Tom
  7. Just don't forget to be packed and ready when you show up next weekend, eh? DAMHIKT.
  8. Hi, Larry. Tom Meshew here. I'll be thinking of all of you.
  9. How come you never see any "End of drug-free school zone" signs?
  10. I'm betting it's not really RLK, but an imposter from alt.usenet.kooks.
  11. It seems we've already voted in a "rogue" government that wants to circumvent the constitution.
  12. I've seen many big turns through the year so far here at Eloy and never heard that they were banned until this last week. Maybe discouraged?
  13. This edict was instituted just last week, the 3rd week of March.