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  1. What I find what’s heart wrenching is when a friend finds out that someone they love has died – and the way they find out is through a public forum (a bit off the subject of the list, more a thought about the consideration of others before you post – make a posting ethics rule that you have to wait at least 48 hours before posting about someone who’s just died – in order to give the family and friends a chance to hear about it). I know, I know – the world is what it is – don’t look if you don’t want to know…. My heart starts to race when I see a thread topic like the one I saw yesterday…knowing how easily it could be someone else that I love…such a small, small world. It might be “another one” to someone, but it could be my someone’s someone. Did that make sense? I hate that the community is surrounded by death’s broken wings. The list, the horrible list …after awhile, the death toll becomes something that seems quantified and blended across paragraphs of incidents. I’ve never gotten through the whole list to be honest. It’s reading someone’s name that is familiar – a friend of a friend, a lover of a friend, a son of a friend, a friend – and reading about someone that I’ve never known…it’s seeing their names or picture next to the words that are heavy and without breath…that stops me from reading further every time – maybe because the tears get in the way. Perhaps one day the list won’t have names. It seems like a more humanistic approach to what the list’s purpose has been portrayed to be by the king’s court, although the list holds different meaning for different people. – if “you” really want a memorial for those that have died BASE jumping – perhaps create one that has only names – carve it deep in a cave somewhere in the mountains or etch it in limestone and buy a small plot of soil somewhere far away from the matrix for it to stay so loved ones can rest their backs against the cool stone and remember and feel close in the stillness of the moment, find an apex and pound in sticks with pc’s tied to the tops that the wind catches like flags or kites with names embroidered on the bridles, carve their names in a redwood that stands hundreds of feet over the forest in a canopy of trees...
  2. nothing to to with BASE. Extended Streaming Video Great White Shark Encounter Caught On Video Off Oahu Jan 18, 2006 03:31 AM PST KHNL News 8 Links HALEIWA (KHNL) While the excitement is building to bring in the new year, excitment turned into terror for a longtime waterman who went face-to-face with the most feared creature in the ocean right here in Hawaii. Not only does he have an amazing story to tell of his run in with a great white shark but he's got the pictures to prove it. Jimmy Hall knows he was lucky. He's been running a shark tour on the North Shore for about 4 years. He's seen thousands of sharks but this is the first time he's seen the great white shark, hands down the most feared creature in the ocean. "Every time I tell the story or think about it, or close my eyes, it's right there. I don't think I've done anything where the high has lasted so long. I just cannot get over how incredibly fortunate I was to be out there when that incredible animal came by." said Hall. Jimmy Hall of Hawaii Shark Encounters had a close encounter during a shark tour on Wednesday about 3 miles off Haleiwa. "And I looked at that, and matter of factly, that's a small humpback whale. That's how big this thing was. When it got closer, it was no humpback whale. It was a white shark, unmistakably". This great white is a female. Experts estimate her to be about 18 feet long and between 1.5 to 2 tons. Just to give you an idea, that boat she's rubbing up against in the video is 32 feet long. "I went outside the cage, and just went out mid-water and she was making an approach and I just sat there and saw this incredible fish and just came swimming up, until we were about 2 feet away, nose to nose with that shark, and it swam by and just put my hand by her side and wow! That was really, that was really something!" Hall hopes this historic sighting helps experts learn more about great whites and clear up any myths. "If there was such a thing as a man eating shark, that's all the shark would eat. There's so many of us. We swim so pathetically slow compared to everything else in the ocean, they wouldn't do anything else but eat people. "We were just incredibly fortunate to see this one. Cause we happen to see it, doesn't mean it's the only one that's ever been here." Hall has talked to local shark experts. They'd like to track where she came from. An expert says the public shouldn't be concerned because great whites are known to be here, but he wouldn't advise anyone from jumping in the water when one is in the water.
  3. The piece shown last week was thrown into a two hour “special” of people and their neurotic fears and how the US media feeds into those fears. I definitely would have changed the channel except I wanted to see what spin they were going to put on BASE. I really wanted to change the channel when one “doctor/psychologist” was convincing people to overcome their fears by repeating an even more fearful statement – “I want the plane to crash, I want the plane to crash”. You would think in today’s age we comprehend the immense power of one’s own thoughts. Words have power. That which you focus on expands….Think good thoughts, think about what you want to have happen not about what you don’t want to have happen. Jeb was interviewed about facing fear and developing the discipline through knowledge and experience to focus your way through it. It really didn’t focus on the beauty of BASE (nor it’s place in the judicial system). Still the same the footage from Paris and Malaysia had to have awakened the soul of any sleeping viewer. They could have talked about skydiving and have gotten the same point across that they were trying to make. Back in 2005 Pete W. was featured in a 20/20 piece over in Oz and I thought it was amazing and exhilarating. The segment’s been saved in my favorites list since, but as I just tried to access it, it said the piece no longer “exists”. The land of Oz seems to know about magic and believing in dreams as expressed through the light of the interviewer and Aussie Pete.
  4. I meant it was "just talk" within a group of people that included him and a few others...not referring to any other jumpers. one is extremely careful...
  5. Norgies....Wow - what amazing footage! Definitely left me wanting more. That was incredible. Nor Cal Big Wall Track: Saw this beautiful picture last night and thought about JT's flight over the magical valley - kind of the same, but different. Out-tracking the talus...congratulations! Last year it was only talk....this year...a great accomplishment indeed.
  6. "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears the beat of a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away." -- Henry David Thoreau "If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours." --Henry David Thoreau Stay safe and stay inspired.
  7. I guess this is what makes the world keep turning – a desire for something that feels good and the fruition of that desire and more importantly – our freedom to have that which we desire. She has someone encouraging her while teaching her to BASE when other experienced BASE jumpers wouldn't have dared even with permission. He gets whatever he gets from giving someone their first experiences with BASE jumping. He likes different and new stuff. Maybe for him this is the next level. In a way, they probably are at the same level in their desire and excitement to keep jumping together regardless of what anyone thinks. Honestly, most locals at the PC likely think that think this is actually exciting and completely harmless, and they are the ones who know him best. If you want to BASE, and you’re in the area, you’ll most likely be directed to the same person. A lot of people do have respect for him. He doesn’t go out searching for students. They come to him. Some get his time and some don’t – Tis the season for all the employees there to be working long hours at a very busy dz while interacting with a very special boss and to go out in the wee hours to take a newbie into a place that renders them both elated, must mean there’s something worth it all to keep him dedicated and motivated to put himself out there with her when he could be someplace else. The part about their ages and ethics…who is anyone to judge their “guilt” or “innocence” besides their own selves and her parents? It looks bad to some, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will go that way. Jimmy is a good guy who is offering Clair her dream to BASE. Each person is allowed their own standards to live by as we properly should be. Choices and consequences. Risk and reward. Old and young. Life and Death. What was, what is, what could be, what will be…..what’s next? Good luck guys. I hope this works out well for everyone (Jimmy, Clair, her family, etc.) involved including the BASE community at large. Stay safe and stay inspiried. p.s. Will the next video be rated PG-16?
  8. Be mindful that if BASE is truly your passion, you will find a way to make it happen - on your own if need be. Your boyfriend’s experience teaches him to be cautious, and he must care about you a lot. If BASE is something you want to do to be closer to your bf, it has to be something that he is willing to share with you. Is he willing to include you? I suggest go on as many jumps as possible and do ground crew. Listen and ask questions to those who have a lot of experience in the sport. Watch and study as much footage as you can. Learn how to skydive and get some experience with canopy control. Learn about malfunctions and what to do. Read as much as you can to learn about the technical side of it. All of these things will help build your confidence. This is just some of the advice that others have told me. There are a lot of different opinions in the BASE community about what a person should do before they do their first BASE jump. Learn from the best and shy away from the ones who are in it for their ego. The most experienced BASE jumpers have died living their passion. That is the risk that you take. Take it seriously. Stay safe and stay inspired.
  9. Your words have more power and beauty than you might know. I've found much comfort reading your post tonight. It's like you really found the right path. How lucky for your companion. To hear those words from a man who stands up and states it so clearly gives me hope. I needed that. Stay safe and stay inspired.
  10. Are you going to put today's shot up on Or - do we have to wait until Keen & A+bel or whatever the next video will be? edited to add - That's really good that the guy's okay. :)
  11. hard work + motivation + passion = blissful success Your ambitious dedication is enlightening. Congratulations....looks like something IS happening.... Since my computer wouldn't play the crazy cam segment - is it anything different than what's on RADIX special features? If yes, I'll figure out what program I need to open the video...any new footage would be a delight to watch. Stay safe and stay inspired.
  12. Did you do a search for the key word: "love" and this popped up? /no pun intented/
  13. Please know that I see the ignorance in my original post. I shouldn't have talked about the public exposure of a such a personal experience that you hold so dear to your heart, especially when exposure would take away what you love most about the sport. There are a lot of things out there that people don't know about and really don't need to know - secret societies and such - just because something's incredible and magical - it doesn't necessarily mean that the world should be included and if they were it would be a "good thing". I do understand that. At the time of my first post, I was planning my trip to So Cal this summer where I'll be staying with a girlfriend who lives at the ranch of a well known movie producer. Although he's mostly into underwater shots, I bet he'd love seeing some footage of BASE....dreaming again. I have yet to meet him. It won't happen again.
  14. It's not because of a BASE tragedy that my best friend isn't here with me. To me it doesn’t change the fact that he’s not here. I wasn’t sure if it mattered, but I didn’t want anyone to misunderstand. I did not intend to bring up anything personal on this forum. I actually was pretty excited thinking about BASE jumping. It’s been on my mind a lot lately for some reason – probably the nice weather. Thank you for all of your kind words. Thank you for sharing your perspective on what I was thinking about. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the variety of posts on this thread and seeing how many talented BASE jumpers responded. It was very interesting - every post shedding a new light. It helped pass some time too which is cool and I learned more about BASE. Great falls and soft landings….and to all…a goodnight... *edited for spelling*
  15. My reality is very small, but this is where I was coming from as lame as it may be - The only reason I started posting on this forum is truly because I miss my best friend who is no longer around to talk with about something that he was always so passionate about which in turn became a passion of mine through his enthusiasm, love, and dedication to the sport. Over the last three years my connection to the BASE world was through him and those people that he jumped with on a regular basis. His experience with BASE spanned a decade - lots of stories, lots of dreams, lots of losses, lots of lawsuits, lots of characters, lots of sites, lots of blood, lots of friends, lots of beer, lots of laughter, and lots of love. In my heart of hearts I didn’t want to say that I never BASE jumped because to me it made me feel even more disconnected. I know that the sport still has a big part of my heart even without him here to share it. I guess I wanted to connect with the BASE community – the people that we used to talk about – to get some laughs and learn new things and to find out anything new about BASE. I wanted to read about the latest and greatest in the BASE world. I can’t talk about a lot of things about BASE, but the things I did talk about I thought were okay to put out there. My level of experience begins and ends with ground crew. I’ve never done a BASE jump. I know that my experience with BASE is unlike all of yours. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t understand the heart of a BASE jumper, because I did. Ian and Tree, I apologize for the ridiculous ending of my last point. Of course anyone named Tree isn’t going to be short and as much crap as you guys give people you would likely have to have a lot of experience behind you. All in all, I wasn’t trying to piss anyone off, I was just trying to say something close to - if live your dream and you put your heart, mind, and soul into something that you love – there will always be a reward – whether or not it’s finding peace at the exit point or finding a way to make a living – just so you find happiness doing what you love - to believe in big things because big things are possible. Skinflica – I first stopped reading your post when you called me a troll – I went back and read more until you called me an ignorant cunt – and just now I did go back to it one last time to finish what you had to say. My reply to your post it that I would never want to be a man especially when guys can be as cruel as you. You could have stopped reading what I wrote after the first sentence. Although fun at first, I can see how ignorant I was to reach out in the way that I did. I'm a bit tired and a bit embarassed, so goodnight. To those of you that sent me kind PM's and replies - your words made this worth it. It reminded me like I was with old friends again. This still holds true in what I wish for all of you….Stay safe and stay inspired.