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  1. Do we really need MMS if we have Youtube and tons of other options in our pocket... ;) I don't know why I want a logbook into telephone..that's not making sense at all. We have paper versions, pro-tracks and everything, but those gadgets are fun when you are not able to climb up to the sky...a friend of mine had a PDA with GPS function. It looks quite fun to see a spot on your personal display... well, it's not useful, but fun! But maybe more experienced jumpers are better to say what they want into logbook software. I've just finished my 170 jumps, so I'm still a newbie (or a lazy jumper) . I don't know, but if it is possible to take advantage of accelerometer and GPS functions, then logbook can save many useful stuff. Or not, I don't know...
  2. I've been thinking to buy an iPhone quite soon. But I'm still waiting the last temptations. Yet i've not find any skydiving software from AppStore. So, do we have any software developers here? a logbook, a flying router or anything that gives me something to combine a beautiful toy and a parachute is needed.... I can found softwares for gliders, divers, joggers, hikers but..one quite important sport is stil missing... Hope that someone catches the ball!