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  1. Hi Guy The colour one was on the cover of 'Skydiving' and shot by Gus Wing. The mono one was shot by Wendy Smith who's a Kiwi, maybe that's who you were thinking of. If so, she's here; http://wendysmithaerial.com/ Regards Al
  2. No. In fact it was an experimental design by a Brit called Dick Gays in 1980. He was trying to see if a 'slotted' round could get similar forward speed to a square. Needless to say, it didn't work Al
  3. As far as I remember, this canopy was never given a name or put into production (I wonder why? ). Can you name the designer though? Al
  4. He used to jump at Weston-on-the-Green during the late 80s and was a member of the RAF Falcons display team, if that's any help. Al
  5. BASE #28 S/L out of the window of an apartment block in Knightsbridge, London c. 1982 and only 133', raining and windy, I remember it well! BASE #24 went next, not for me though. Al
  6. aj4218

    New Video

    'VALUES THAT I ADMIRE' - Creativity Superb George Al
  7. That's Mike McCarthy in 1988/9, who had previously done the French Tower in '84 and the ESB in '86. There's no acceptable LZ under the underhung side but plenty on the side he chose. Al
  8. Yours truly at Rhossili, Wales. This was February 1981 Al
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    An old post which will help illuminate: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=1746483;search_string=aj4218;#1746483 Al PS It was Mike who got a line caught. You wouldn't believe what else the publicity led to for them! It was April 1986.
  10. aj4218

    Moving vehicle

    Jim Tyler (I think) photographed by Carl and published in Skies Call 3 in 1981. Al
  11. Just for old times sake, here's Larry with Frank Donnellan (also RIP) at the Perris ghetto October 1980. That's the motorbike mentioned in the thread I believe. Al
  12. Just because of the madness really - S/L from a 245' bridge over water, backlooping with a paradactyl in the rig. That was 1982 for you! Al
  13. I know it's a repost, but what the hell! Mike exiting and Alasdair watching, April 1986. Al
  14. aj4218

    Surviving BASE

    If you toss a coin 99,999 times and it comes up heads every time, the odds of it being heads on the next toss are still 50/50. 'Statistics are like a lamp post to a drunken man - they're used for leaning on and not illumination' Al
  15. And I've emailed them to let them know, so they can see how baby-faced they were!
  16. I know a lot of us Brits who know or have met Nigel. He was kidnapped in Nigeria a few days ago - - let's keep our fingers crossed for him.http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2-1984597,00.html
  17. aj4218

    More history ....

    I'm sure someone will know this accurately, but didn't Jim Tyler do a 200' static-line off the Royal Gorge Bridge?
  18. aj4218

    More history ....

    From Carl's shadow it looks like he's holding his PC for a freefall. I think that wall's about 700'. Carl also gave me a VHS which included these jumps and Jean's first static-line off this site. When she lands he just turns to camera and says "Piece of cake!". I left the tape in the back of a taxi in London! How slack was that?
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    More history ....

    Checked in with Tom first. Three prints Carl gave me back in '82. I'm sure everyone knows where they are, but any idea who the HD and GP people are? I think one of them's Smitty. Al
  20. aj4218

    Standard reserve

    BASE #14's first BASE jump in 1981 was made from 800' up an antenna with a hand-deploy pilot chute attached to the apex of a round reserve with the canopy packed in the main tray and the lines in the reserve tray. Not recommended!
  21. " Plus, if it was a good idea, skydivers would have used it already." Hey Jaap I think you'll find skydivers have used it already. I believe there is (was?) an Australian skydiver/rigger called Barry Lewis who designed a rig with the PC deployment pouch on the right shoulder. I remember it being featured in Sport Parachutist Magazine many years ago. I've got a feeling it may even have been the reserve deployment system!
  22. Two things - firstly, let's do a bit of research and compare the cost of the entire Apollo programme with the cost of running the war in Vietnam for the year of 1969. Apollo was as cheap as chips. Secondly, if you were watching live TV on Christmas day 1968 and heard Frank Borman read from Genesis, you'd have felt every last cent was worth it. I'm not religious at all, but man, what a moment.
  23. QuoteThe greater the headwind, the faster at which max glide will be (e.g. strong winds could result in the canopy coming straight down, i.e. glide = 0. Pulling double-fronts to penetrate slightly therefore increases the glide ratio). reply] The glide angle through the AIR doesn't change with windspeed, only the glide angle relative to the ground. Just think of yourself as flying in a big 'box' of air; sometimes the box is stationery relative to the ground, sometimes it's moving i.e. there's wind. Either way, the way your canopy flies in the box stays the same. See Superstu's excellent post titled 'canopy resources'