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  1. Pioneer made the Merlin and I think it was 200 sq. ft. It was jumped for years by my old friend Mike McCarthy who put thousands of CRW jumps on it and most famously used it for his Eiffel Tower jump in 1984. He never replaced the lines, hence the shape of the canopy :o and was still jumping it in 1985!


  2. I jumped a Spirit from 1981 to 1982 having met Bill at Perris in Nov 1980 and been really impressed by him. I believe the first 20 or so Spirits were actually just re-badged Comets until the Spirit came into its own in early 1981. This shot was at Netheravon UK on July 10th 1982 and was just a few hours after I got my BASE number on it with an 'E' on the UK south coast. Handy that the Spirit came with a 42" pilot chute! ;)


  3. Forgot I stiil had this - an original Comet brochure! The cover is a shot of the late Frank Donnellan, BASE #12, at Netheravon. Chuck used it for the brochure and gave me one of his custom wallets as payment. The things he used to keep and that wheelchair ... ;)

    Al ;)

  4. Here he is at Deland in '86. He used to make a big pot of coffee every morning and you just helped yourself and left money in the 'honour' jar. Bob Hallet had some postcards printed of him and Chet in tandem freefall that he used to send to people.

    Al :D

  5. The film was shown on UK TV in about 1977 when I was hang gliding but not even skydiving at the time! I taped it on VHS but just transferred it digitally quite recently. That film plus a 16mm copy of Mirror Image I had inspired me to take up the sport in 1980 via a rather unusual route! ;)

    BTW, good to hear from Jim Hooper. You won't remember me but we were on a jump together at Netheravon in the UK in the early 80s. Memories, memories ...

    Al :)

  6. Quote

    The second one is (I don't recall his name offhand, but I've got it written down somewhere) jumping from the Whispering Gallery at St. Paul's Cathedral in London . . . NickD :)

    Andy Callender - he's got loads of old skoole pics on his Facebook page, although the tag on one of these is for Russel Porter. Russel did a few high profile jumps inc one from Centre Point in London dressed as John Major, the Prime Minister at the time :ph34r:

    Al ;)

  7. Not sure which year, 1984 maybe, and maybe Z-Hills? Symbosis 16-way. The ones I recognise are Geoff Sanders, Tony Uragallo, Rob Colpus, Dane Kenny, Keery brothers, Esther Reynolds. I'm guessing the Symbiosis 8-way teamed up with some locals to make up the 16-way team.

    Al ;)

  8. I've been in touch with Mike in the last few years. He lives in Western USA and describes himself as an 'urban monk'! I have an email address for him if you want it - PM me.

    He also did the very first modern UK BASE jump in October 1981- a 1,013' 'A', at night.

    Its a repost, but attached are photos and article of Mike & Alasdairs ESB jump and Mike and Amanda's ET jump.

    Mike was also planning a WTC jump in August of 1001 ...

    Al ;)

  9. 'Paraflite ran an big advert in Parachutist after he made his 10,000th jump all of which were on the same old Strato Cloud'

    And here's the ad with Roch.

    Frenchy was famous for his fires in the evening at Z-Hills wasn't he? I certainly remember them in '86 when I was there for a few weeks.

    Al ;)