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  1. minobu


    I live in Baton Rouge, LA and only about 35-45 minutes away is the Myrtles plantation in St Francisville which is supposedly one of the most haunted in the country. Its a Bed N Breakfast so I plan on staying there for at least a night or two as soon as I find someone that wants to come along :) Tried checking out availiblity on Halloween but its booked for years in advance on that day :) Only skydivers know why the birds sing! Jim
  2. Well fox is traditionally a conservative station so why do you think they did the story? Only skydivers know why the birds sing! Jim
  3. actually you are right he doesn't deserve the attention after reading that page you posted it does seem like its all a ploy to make money which actually just makes him that much more of a POS Only skydivers know why the birds sing! Jim
  4. http://www.filecabi.net/host/file/MichaelCrook/wmv Guys like this just make me sick Actually he deserves worse but ... Only skydivers know why the birds sing! Jim
  5. International symbol of marriage is Approved New York-AP- On April 21, 2005, After 5 years of heated debate, the Commission of Human Rights approved the new International Symbol of Marriage: See Attachment Only skydivers know why the birds sing! Jim
  6. Hey I know lets get the government to legislate every aspect of our lives that would be much better wouldn't it? If there is anything that might be harmful in the slightest (I know smoking is not slightly harmful) we shouldn't be allowed to do it ... like alcohol because you know if we drink we are hurting ourselves and potentially others as well so lets get rid of alcohol as well. Pretty soon the government is gonna be telling us when we can take a shit ... I mean hell now they can take our house so that private investors can make more money why not get them involved in every aspect of our lives and bodies? BTW I am a smoker and I don't EVER smoke inside or inside the car when I have my kid with me but I really think our wonderful (ya right) government intrudes in matters dealing with MY body enough as it is Only skydivers know why the birds sing! Jim
  7. I know I will get ragged about it but I got interested in the sport a loooong time ago when I watched Drop Zone with Wesley Snipes for the first time I think it was probably 10 years ago and I just never had the money to get started there was always something more important to spend it on. Ever since that movie I have pretty much tried to find anything to watch that was about skydiving and watching some of the world championships and such just kept me interested. When I found out how much I was getting in Tax Returns I just decided damnit its time to just spend the money before it goes to something else Only skydivers know why the birds sing! Jim
  8. THATS GREAT! I agree with the other posts I am sure the only source of regret for the punk that killed her is that he was caught and is facing serious penalties as a result. Hopefully they are both truly punished and not given a slap on the wrist because they are young. I agree with the other post that it will most likely be blamed on movies like Fast and the Furious and such by the families which is truly a shame because you will also get the ones saying they just made a mistake and we shouldn't ruin their lives as a result but those same ones won't be saying much about the deceased lady's kids Only skydivers know why the birds sing! Jim
  9. GRATZ! on your first solo man ... can't wait till I get to that stage Only skydivers know why the birds sing! Jim
  10. isn't that how long the training is supposed to be before you do your first AFF jump? Probably won't be able to do all 4 AFF jumps that first day as my DZ is very small and does alot of tandems so probably won't be much room to jump on most loads that go up. But, I will definitely try to get as many in that first day as possible Yeah I am so addicted its not funny. Only skydivers know why the birds sing! Jim
  11. I understand where you are coming from but just as Lawrocket stated above the person on the cell phone does not have the intent of driving in a dangerous manner whereas the street racer does that is what makes the two situations different. I am sure the number of accidents caused by cell phone use is much larger than the number caused by street racers but if you look at the number of people driving while using cell phones as compared to the total number of street racers I am sure there would be a huge difference and I would almost guarantee that the ratio of accidents per person that street races would be much higher than driving with a cell phone. Its interesting that you bring up swooping as I would imagine the ratio of swoopers that get injured would be much higher than the general population of skydivers I am still a newbie so I don't know for sure but logic would suggest this to be true. Additionally I think a big difference when you try to compare the way swoooping is looked at and the way street racing is looked at is that swoopers for the most part are only endangering their own life. Only skydivers know why the birds sing! Jim
  12. I would have to disagree with your comparison of someone talking on a cell phone and these street racers. I mean yes talking on the cell phone or the other hypotheticals you mentioned are dangerous while behind the wheel but in my opinion street racing is a totally different situation and the intent behind it is completely different. I mean the lady on the cell phone didn't go out that day with the intention of being reckless whereas the street racer left the house with the intention of driving recklessly on a street that had traffic on it. I would have to agree with Lawrocket on this one. I think that these kids should be charged with first degree murder as they decided to street race and should face grave consequences for their actions. Additionally if they catch someone street racing they should have their liscense banned for life (or maybe restricted to driving a Yugo ) I guess I am just tired of seeing innocent people killed by complete morons. I am really not violent just feel that something needs to be done to make people understand that there will be consequences to their actions. Only skydivers know why the birds sing! Jim
  13. I am so excited my last tandem is done now I just have to figure out a time to schedule the 5 hour AFF course with my instructor and I can Jump under my own canopy I can't wait to do it unfortunately my instructor just moved to the area so can't do it until he gets settled I am so impatient don't wanna wait So how much better is it once you get finished with Tandem?
  14. if its not the boot disk why are you installing XP on it? Want to be able to dual boot i.e. have Linux on one and Xp on the other? Only skydivers know why the birds sing! Jim
  15. you are so right about the fact that nakedness is a horrible thing here in America but its perfectly ok to show things like people getting there heads blown off on prime time TV. Talk about getting your priorities screwed up. I would prefer my son see a naked woman rather than watching somebody get blown away or any of the other violent acts that seem to be perfectly ok to show Only skydivers know why the birds sing! Jim