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  1. drinking tea helped me get off coffee about a .5 year ago. they say that coffee is bad for you back, the stuff in it makes your muscles tense up. when i gave it up my back felt good. Yea did get head aches when I tried cold turkey, but with the tea, no problems ;)

    but things been crazy lately and hooked on coffee again. :(

  2. solos are nice especially when it has been some time since the last jump. need one jump solo to get the "feel" again.
    heck hop and pops. solo too. great for "trying" to get accuracy, practice landings blah, blah, blah…

  3. for Linux hosting: is good.

    do not use . slow servers. lousy support.

    also pick someone who has servers located in the area you are interested in. no need to have a server on the west coast when you are interested in the east coast.

    my newby advice


  4. Started driving in 93 . always worked on my own.

    1970 F100 240CID 6 cyl , 3 on tree.
    Was rusty , but not bad for age. Good truck, solid drive line sold it since got sick of rusty bolts.

    1983 F250 6.9 L Diesel 4spd. Huge tank , ran great. If you could get the traction (2wd) it pull out a stump. Had some guy forget to stop and ran into me, bent the frame bad and the truck was totaled. Got $1000 more than I paid for it from in the insurance co.

    1994 F250 7.3 IDI Turbo Diesel , 4wd, 5 spd. Again huge tank. Too heavy for te 4wd, it is too easy to get stuck . eagine runs great and tons of power. Never go non-turbo again. But it is a height maintenance truck has 175000 miles and I sewer it got to turn a wrench every 5000 miles other than oil changes… still got it

    1998 Saturn SL2 5spd . bought it cheep since I was looking to commute to Manassas VA. Reliable, peppy , no problems other than the idiot that ran into me and totaled it and made me sore for a while.

    2002 Saturn SL2 5spd. I liked the 1st Saturn so much I got another used one. enough said.