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  1. I have often wondered the same thing and as a matter of fact was just talking to a new jumper about this last night. Gary actually got me a really good deal on a new canopy about a year before the shit hit the fan. After I received the canopy I ordered my wife a new Vector container. Both the canopy and container were delivered within days of when they were supposed to. After I received my wife's container I decided to order a complete rig, container, main, reserve, and aad. I emailed him several times but never got a reply, thankfully. I went elsewhere then learned about this whole ordeal. I was one of the lucky ones. It's a gift, I don't try to explain it.
  2. hobie331


    Having only been a Strong TI I really have nothing to compare to. I do hear other TI's talk about the head low feeling with their equipment though. The TNT is amazingly comfortable and just like the DH it is a workhorse.
  3. Enjoying it. I downloaded it to my Nook. Not very well edited but a good read. It's a gift, I don't try to explain it.
  4. This has likely been addressed in the past but a search didn't really give me what I wanted and I'm too lazy to continue the search. I've always seen it as Him, Him Fuck Him. However, in Sugar Alpha I see it as Hymn, Hymn, Fuck Him. So, you that have been around longer than myself, which is it and can you elaborate on the history. It's a gift, I don't try to explain it.
  5. Next time I think about it I'll post a pic of the bar. It's not there any longer though, the bar anyways, and was only used for the exterior scenes. It's a gift, I don't try to explain it.
  6. Not Spanglish Buff. I do it in Deutsch with bad grammar. It's a gift, I don't try to explain it.
  7. V. John and Elizabeth Brandon. Portrayed by Wm. Windom and Deborah Kerr. It's a gift, I don't try to explain it.
  8. This is across the street. Sorry they are small photos. I snapped them quickly with my phone. It's a gift, I don't try to explain it.
  9. It's changed a bit since the 60's and likely only those in the sport for many years may recognize it. It's a gift, I don't try to explain it.
  10. Skip, you were always the most gracious of hosts and invited us freely into your home. Helpful to every new jumper. You will be forever missed. ~Troy Skip, I treasure each moment I spent with you both in the air and on the ground. I will remember you wth love and will see your face in the beautiful clouds. ~Karen It's a gift, I don't try to explain it.
  11. QuoteI don't have a pretend boyfriend to make an appearence, if anyone wants to volunteer let me know! I might reconsider.reply] I could be your pretend boyfriend. Or, your real one. And if my wife doesn't like the idea, is it OK if I just stalk you?
  12. I woke with back pain the day I did my A license check dive. Did the dive, took the exam, got the stamp, stood up, fell over, puked. After about two hours had someone take me to the ER. I honestly would only wish that on about two people in this world. OK, may be 4. It's a gift, I don't try to explain it.
  13. I never met Lee. A friend pointed him out at a boogie once and told me who he was. I tend to be more a people watcher than getting in the mix and just walking up and intorducing myself. I noticed that his face was always full of smile and he just lit up the area around him. Wish I had known him. It's a gift, I don't try to explain it.