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  1. rcjump

    muff 65.5

    I wonder which one the stylest charges more for
  2. rcjump

    muff 65.5

    here's a better pic of the newest member. i had a hard time getting the size requirments to fit the picture but oh well ill never quit trying
  3. Well last year an alty.sized scorpion crawled in my shoe .Ifound it when i put my shoe on and felt something. Pulled my shoe off looked inside, At first i thought it was a spider. But when i dumped out the thing, It was a scorpion 5"long and 3"wide which dosent sound big but i almost shit, Couldn't believe what i saw.the cocnut cay is the place i stayed last year not this year but wild horses couldn't keep me away
  4. This just in. There is a new muff brother his number is 65.5 he's probally the smartest one yet, Here's a picture of him receiving the offcial hand shake from MB#65 he's probally the best looking also but thats another post
  5. As for the twists i beleave it was a combo of things,my w\l is 1.8 ?i found that the bottom corners of container had come unstitched and and some tube stoes had shown signs of needing to be replaced,but i think the biggest contributor was the chest strap being to lose and allowed the harness to flex at the chest , more at opening . by tightening up the chest strap 1inch more had a big effect on the overall opening. After opening then loosen up chest strap . have not had one since and the openings are more consistant.
  6. To chop or not To chop that is the QuestionLast week end i had my first cut-away ya i know bbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.and yes im in my bird man GTI and have 14 js in itand this particular flight went great it was my personal best in flight time and control was just ossum................ well any way ,If your main spins up after opening how much should you try to kick out before you chop !!!!!!!!!! I gave one good hard kick it through me in a dive on my back now i pulled 5ish it spun up i kick it dives , i chop, roll over ,pull reserve, open canopy by 3.0 the question is should i have waited longer and try harder or is living to ask the question anwser enough....
  7. Alright Thats outstanding have you got to jump it yet ,,and how did you like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. The reason its worth waiting for is because they are one of the best in the world one of the top five as for manufctuers i pulled it out of the bag hooked it up did three line checks and baged it for a brand new canopy it was easy to pack, the opening was beutiful and the landing and flair was superb......... blue skys and soft lanings .............. R.C.
  9. Hay Craig, No matter how long it takes you will love it mine took a total of 14wks2dys but they have a 2wk shutdown in aug, and im shure it was before your order date. so the min, you stop thinking about it it will be there.dont worry it will be worth the wait..... ..............RC.
  10. Hay Chuck did the 22"p\c have any delay or problums noted or burbal problums...
  11. Hi Chuck ,thanks for info i was just down at perris at the bird-man boogie with ,vladi,yari,kim and abunch of other great people . like Richard,Dave,Craig,Neil,and more than i can remember the names to but worth meeting,,,,,,,,,,, on my new Gti i got the LQRS and handals not pillows but it is personaly my pref.thnks agine
  12. Ill Borrow one from some one and try wrist/helmet and let you know by the weekend............RC
  13. Hay , I second that jim cazar is great, the p\c he made for me was outstanding and the risers he custom made are "TOP OF THE LINE" the workmanship is fantastic and the customer service is just "Top Notch".And my new canopy is so sweet Thanks for the great workmanship on my cobalt. It is the best ........................
  14. Thanks Mick good to hear from you ,