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  1. That might be a reason for one not to use an audible and altimeter from the same manufacturer
  2. That day might not be far away.. in Europe we've reached $36-47 for a jump ticket. This might be a bit OT but the whole thread is OT.... :)
  3. I got my new Micron a few months ago and the document pocket ist now between the backpad and the main container. Pretty secure, easy to access however kind of a PITA to stow again.
  4. "It is strongly recommended that you make a backup of all files downloaded in case you need to reinstall the software at a later date." I won't blame you - I'm a backup bitch aswell ;-)
  5. See Parachutist 06/08 page 85 Good advice - I'll check mine before the next jump
  6. I'd recommend Paralog anyway because there always might be the chance that either your Neptune breaks one day or needs a factory reset due to mangled configuration.
  7. Well... it's clearly marked in the readme and it only happens at the major upgrade to 3.x not while upgrading from 3.0.0 to 3.1.1 for example. However only wimps read the manual ;-)
  8. They just removed the bar - it was there in the older FW. However no one I asked noticed that it disapeared and most of them didn't even know it ever existed
  9. Looks like the Bonehead Cutaway: You might try the PhreeZone version here:
  10. In my opinion it's the pretty old ccd issue which affected several different brands, not only Sony cameras(but all that do use Sony CCDs ;-)) The HC40 uses a different CCD which is not affected, however the HC20 uses the same CCD as the HC30 and so there is the same statement on the Sony site for the HC20.
  11. OT: YOU use gaffer tape? ;-) SCNR
  12. Thanks for the review! Uuuu... the sound quality in the plane really sucks
  13. Be honest to yourself - if you buy a rig now, will you be ready to wait for 70 jumps before you try to jump it? ;-) It's always better to jump a system before you buy it and after 70 jumps you might find out that you need something different than the system you just bought. Better ask your instructors and then buy a rig which you are comfortable with right after your hand deploy instruction.
  14. I didn't say it's a bad canopy. Imho it's a cheap and quite responsive canopy for experienced pilots. But in my opinion it's a bad choice for beginners.