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  1. Quote1. Scott Bland (notsane) 2. Scott Gray (The Brothers Gray) 3. Chris Gray (The Brothers Gray) 4. Todd Statdfield (DaMan) 5. Michelle Statdfield (EmLo) 6. Justin Shorb ( Flock U) 7. Jeff Nebelkopf (heffro1) 8. Chuck Blue (Z-Flock Wingsuit School) 9. Mike Masheff (Grey Mike) 10. Phil Peggs (boring uncreative name) 11. Nick Rugai (#1 gay guy) 12. LoudDan 13. Tyler Smith(jumpinfly) 14. Scotty Burns (Scottygofast & Z-flock) 15. Tero Paukku (Aerodynamite) 16. Matt Hoover 17. Rick Hough (Flock U) 18. Bob Futrell (FlyinBob) 19 Frank Boluk (FrancoR) 20 Rand Mahoney (rmahoney) 21.Lurch (Flock U) 22. Robert Kelley (ROK) 23. Marion Mobley (fmmobley) 24. Fraser Corsan (Verticalflyer) 25. Gus Marinho 26. Jenn Hinson (moonglo) 27. Luminous (not jumping) 28. Susanjumps 29. Paul Housley (ph8068) 30. Jake Carlow (baseknut) 31. Voodew(Texas trouble makers) 32. Professor(voodew's bitch) 33. Sean Horton (monkycndo, aka-Boogie Whore) 34. Jeff Donohue (aka, Jeff Donohue) 35. Kevin O. (kevin922 -> Tickets Purchased!) 36. Jason Romero (jarhead) 37. Scott C (Washington) 38. Dave P (Washington) 39. Tony R (Washington) 40. Brian Snarr 41. Marko Mäkelä (Nokia) 42. Scott Campos (LouDiamond) 43. Harry Potter (made his 1st flights yesterday!) 44. Matt Wells
  2. Good point ! ... I'm actually trying to talk her into coming with me to PR for the boogie. I tried telling her "let's celebrate our 1st valentine's day as husband & wife in PR" ... she saw right through it ! She knows I just want to fly wingsuits over the beach ! What sort of things might a non-skydiver do in PR while we're having fun flying ? Are any other wingsuiters bringing their ground-hugging significant others ?
  3. This whole getting married thing is really getting in the way of skydiving. First, she wants to get married on the same weekend as Flock & Dock 3.5 (and she wouldn't change the wedding date once the F&D weekend was announced). Then, I try to sneak down to Z-Hills to make some flights on Labor Day weekend, and there's just too much to do with the last long weeknd before the wedding. I get suckered into helping her pick out all kinds of stuff for the wedding. So. That said. I will be in Puerto Rico Feb. '08. 1. Scott Bland (notsane) 2. Matt Hoover (The111) 3. Justin Shorb (Flock U) 4. Jeff N. 5. Steve H. (Flock U) 6. Jose 7. Yeyo 8 Josue 9. Ivan 10. Melvin 11. Danny 12. Scott Campos (LouDiamond) 13. Chuck Blue (SkyMonkeyONE) 14. Bob Futrell (FlyinBob) 15. Matt Wells (Tennessee Matt)
  4. Since I'm getting married on the Saturday of Flock & Dock 3.5 this fall, I'm hoping to get some flights in Labor Day weekend at Z-Hills ... sort of a Flock & Dock 3.25. And in case you're wondering, once I found out the date of F&D 3.5, I did ask my fiancee if we could re-schedule the wedding. She said no ! Hope there will be some birds to fly with ... aside from the ones in Scott's youtube video ! Any idea who might be there ? How many birdies ? - Tennessee Matt
  5. Thanks to all at Z-Hills, Morpheus, and Phoenix Fly for the hard work to organize and conduct such a great event ! I missed the first Flock & Dock because I wasn't flying wingsuits yet, but have flown at each fall and spring Flock & Dock since then. And each one is more fun than the previous one ! Special thanks to Scott Bland and Chuck Blue for organizing, Matt Hoover and Scotty Burns and others for the videos, and all the people making the wingsuits (how could we have so much fun without all their hard work ??). I had a great time flying with everyone and look forward to Flock & Dock 3.5 this fall. Hope to see all the people from F&D 3.0 at the fall event. - Tennessee Matt
  6. aerodynamite badenhop Chris DaMan EmLo FlyinBob Freeatlast Go Fast Scotty Heffro1 Island Guy Leigha Lurch Mark M monkycndo Normiss Notsane Packing Ryan (who both should both be mended and back airborne by then) PhoenixRising Rigger Ryan Robi SkymonkeyONE Steve H. Tennessee Matt The111 Tony Unclecharlie
  7. What he said! You've really got an eye for this Matt - Can't wait for Flock N Dock 3.0! Thanks Matt for the great pic's ! - Matt (from Chattanooga, TN)
  8. Thanks to the Z-Flock for making the drive from Chattanooga worth while ! I had a great time and learned a lot ... I can barely wait until the next excuse to visit Z-Hills. What about a "Flock & Dock 2.75" during Christmas / New Year's ?
  9. I'm getting to Tampa Thursday night ... see you Friday morning ready to fly all weekend !
  10. Count me in .... Hey Nate ! Haven't heard you say you're flying from Chicago. Come on down ! I'm driving from Chattanooga to jump with the Z-FLockers again ! Maybe I'll have my new S3S by then ? Matt "The 111" ... Hog Flop barrel rolls ? I'll try it !
  11. Thanks to everyone at Z-Flock and Dock 1.5 this past weekend -- the jumps were worth the 8 hour drive from Chattanooga ! Thanks to Perry and Robert for the Phoenix Fly demo's and thanks to Scott for the BirdMan demo's. If any of the flockers from LSPC in Nebraska that I flew with at Couch Freaks happen to read this post ... you better make plans to attend the Z-Flock and Dock in March 2006 ! You will have a great time flying with Scott, Matt, Travis, Todd, Michelle, Perry, Nate, Chris, .everyone else. And the staff at Z-Hills help to make each day a great one. I will definitely see you all in March at Z-Hills, if not sooner. Any other events planned before then ? Blue Skies ! - Matt W.
  12. I'll be there by Friday afternoon .... hopefully in time to make a couple of flights before sunset ! Then let's talk about food ... first things first ! Any news about the Phantom ? - Matt
  13. I'm guessing that I am the newbie that made several jumps with the LSPC flockers ..... Thanks for a great time at Couch Freaks ! Y'all need to make a trip down south this winter when Nebraska's buried in snow !! Atlanta or down to Florida ... come make some flocking jumps while everyone else in Omaha and Lincoln are shoveling snow ! - Matt
  14. Not sure if I'm one of the three confirmed birds Perry mentioned, but I'm definitely going. Pretty new to wingsuits with 25+ jumps on a GTi. I'm bringing my 2nd rig to do normal jumps too ... I've done RW up to 82-ways in my past.