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  1. I was at Z-Hills this past saturday and didn't see much going on as far as wingsuits and organizing etc. I didn't see anyone organizing untill sunset load.
  2. "Regardless, this letter will not change that, it is too easy to prove the safety side of this because of the "agents" break down over time. They don't like to use the words "explosive charge"..... think TSA. " So change the cutter not the whole unit. Also, I agree since they are not TSOD the letter isn't applicable. I just wanted to point out the some riggers are ready to repack old parachutes that the manufacturer says have a life limit but not old AAD that the manufacture decided to give a life limit so he could sell more AADs.
  3. So what about cypress 12yr limit? There wasn't a life limit when I bought it but now they say 12 yr.
  4. I am buying a new container and would like peoples comments on wingsuit modification on a javelin containers.
  5. Hey Scott I'm gonna miss flying with you guys this week! I'm in Thailand won't be back till the 8th. Pilot Paul
  6. Quote1. Scott B. (Notsane) 2. Mike M. (Gray Mike) C. Sean H. (Monkycndo) 4. Scott Gray (The Brothers Gray) 5. Chris Gray (The Brothers Gray) 6. Justin Shorb (Flock U) 7. Ryan Desjardins (Soon to bee Canadian Flocker) 8. Bob Futrell (FlyinBob) 9. Mark M 10. Phil Peggs 11. Matt Hoover 12. Mike Rinehart (Missingparts) 13. Frank Boluk 14. Scotty Burns (scottygofast) 15. Robert Kelley (ROK) 16. Jeff Nebelkopf (Heffro1) 17. Tony Uragallo (Tony Suits) 18. Chuck Blue (SkymonkeyONE) 19. Todd S (DaMan) 20. Michelle (EmLo) 21. "The" Le Roy (leroydb) 22. Dan M (arai) 23. BJ Alexander 24. Tyler (jumpinfly) 25. Mark (normiss) 26. Lurch (Flock U) 27. Crip (affalcon) 28. Kevin O (kevin922) 29. Travis J "Chunks" 30. MexTony 31. Katee (rkymtnhigh)-will do my bestest 32. Katie (katiebear21) 33. Paul (Pilot Paul) I am really looking forward to this. Thanks to the organizers. Paul
  7. Unfortunately I won't be able to make Russia this year. Hope you guys have a great time. 5. Paul is out 1. gadget (NL) 2. Jari (FI) 3. Jussi (FI) 4. B.J. Alexander (USA) 5. Scary Perry (USA) 6. MCordia (NL) 7. 8. Costyn (NL) 9. Joni (USA) 10. 11. Vincenzo (ITA) 12. Tristan (NL/ITA) 13. FeetFlyer (S) 14. Valery Rosov (RUS) 15. Matt Wells (USA) 16. 15 confirmed Russians (names coming soon) 31. Herwig Habenbacher (Austria) 32. Allan Fox (USA) 33. 34. Kalapala(India) 35. lego (Estonia) 36. Skyflyingbecca (USA) 37. Bo Wienberg (DK) 38. Giulio Petroccione (ITA) 39. Frits Jensen (DK) 40. Hanne Soerensen (DK) 41. Marco Pistolesi (ITA) 42. 43. Fabrizio "Chiller" Fontanesi (ITA) 44. Yuri 45. 46. "Purple Mike" Swearingen (USA) 47. Mark Harris (UK) 48. Duncan Wright (UK) 49. Pierre Pascal (UK) 50. Stephen Such (UK) 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. Macca (UK)
  8. It is vary easy to fake it by setting the dropzone landing area offset to a higher elevation and the unit will report a lower pull. By the way if you didn't fake it and you really pulled that low with regular skydiving gear I wouldn't be bragging about it.
  9. Where are these wing extensions available? How can you order them? Will they work on an S-3 for heavier than average folks like me. Thanks Tikipaul