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  1. Mariann was a great inspiration to me as I turned to her for advice when I was pregnant with my now 5 year old daughter. She was one of only a few women skydivers that continued to jump while pregnant and really helped me with my decision on jumping and at what month to safely stop (in our opinions). Many people gave me a bad rap for making 55 jumps while pregnant but Mariann... offered me her stretchy jumpsuit so I could keep going while I was growing!! Thanks girl!! The last 5 years when we saw each other, she always gave me a hug and we swapped child stories and pictures of our little ones. I also ride horses and we swapped a few horse stories too. She was a great organizer and always willing to help you with your skydiving skills. Attached is a picture of Mariann at the 2005 Womens Texas State Record, of which she helped organize at SDD. She is the 3rd from the right, 2nd row, just behind the 2 girls on 1st row. Such a versatile person, I'm glad we came to meet and may God Bless her soul and her family, especially Garrett.