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  1. Several in Nebraska and I am a "short" midwest wingsuiter
  2. We have done a couple with three on the strut with one in the door.
  3. In reading this thread I hear some of the comments echoing some of the differences in debriefing style I noticed in Europe compared to the US. We are an international flock but depending on where we are from may be use to analysing things in different ways, none of which are meant to be negative. The more open we are to everyone's thoughts and input the more we will learn and grow. We all fly in the same sky.
  4. Mike: Hey little girl, I fly a wingsuit, wanna do a rodeo? Girl: Yeah, well so does my Mom, and she warned me about you. If I were you I'd run fast before she sees you talking to me or you will be in a rodeo all right, hog tied and slaughter.
  5. Thanks to everyone who worked hard to help John Storrie and I make this event so much fun and such a great experience. There were small groups flying all weekend and John got a 9 way in the sky at the end. We had several new birds make their 1st flights including Doc John, Kyle, and others whose names I apologize I do not remember. Yeyo your flying was rock solid! You and the Peurto Rico crew - Nacho and Margaret- rocked the clouds! Other students from last year included grasshopper Paul whose flying was awesome and made me so proud. Jameson forget the freeflying and get the girlfriend some wings- you can fly. Tony you are so cool- you may catch me this year but if you keep going like you are I won"t be able to keep up with you at all next year! I also enjoyed flights with the LSPC birds - my home boys. Sorry the wind ended things early and the Chicago birds, Kallend and Betty, did not get to join us, but it was great seeing you. Sorry if I forgot some one-- everyone did so well and I hope left knowing more. Keep flying everyone -- I can't wait until next year!
  6. I arrive Wednesday and will be setting up a wingsuit tent where wingsuiters can meet up with each other to organize flocks. You should not have a problem finding others to jump with all boogie. John Storrie is the official organizer, but I will be getting people together as well. There will be multiple planes running so be sure to check with someone regarding flight patterns before going up and this can change each day or jump if jump runs change so always check with the pilots as well each jump. I will gladly orient you, review things and answer any questions. Feel free to have me paged or PM me for my phone #.
  7. Awesome--you better bring your wingsuit! Those belly flyers just fall wouldn't you rather fly !
  8. Fort Dodge is a regional that Northwest flys into but depending on where you are coming from it is might be cheaper and faster to fly into Des Moines, IA about 1 1/2 hrs away then rent a car.
  9. There will be birds flocking the skies this year-- and the flock is growing! See the wingsuit forum for more flocking discussions.
  10. I know of at least 12 coming for sure and there are several others who generally attend that I have not heard from who I imagine will be there. Most flocks are smaller groups, but you should have no problem finding others to fly with. We try to get everyone together for a few bigger flocks. While there are several experienced flyers, there usually are several new birds and quite a few people who are the only bird at their home DZ. So we take it slow and easy and teach each other. It is a good chance to get together with other birds and fly for fun without a lot of the pressure at the bigger events.
  11. I'd be happy to give you some instruction. I'm a BMI and PFI, and last year taught someone for Jeff on a tony suit. I have a couple PF prodigies I can use for the course for those that do not have a suit. John Storrie may also have some demos- not sure what. The basic flight instruction is similar for all the brands, and they all have good beginner suits. I will probably arrive late Wednesday and will be staying in the LSPC area.
  12. There will be wingsuits there, so bring yours and join us. Everyone is welcome. We will be flocking as in past years and hope to get bigger and better. Plus John Storrie will be heading up the Wingsuit Flocking State Record Dive. Couch Freaks 2008 - Labor Day weekend Thursday, August 28 through Monday, September 1 Gates open at noon on Wednesday, August 27th, so be sure to come early for our hog roast and sweet corn feed! Also, get here early if you want an electrical outlet! Always that chance of an early load or two on Wednesday. $50 registration gets you all this and more • Private showers • Camping • Electric hookups for a small fee (while they last- first come first served) • Numerous celebrities: Midwest Freefly Legend Jimmy Coiner, Zoomie, The Man Who Saved Couch Freaks, and MORE Aircraft • 2 or 3 Super Twin Otters • 1 or 2 Super Skyvan • Pitts Special Biplane • Helicopter • Prices for the specialty aircraft to be announced Organizers • Tom Schroder, Larry Clapp, and Mandy Shaeffer will be organizing a 3 plane state record attempt (66 way). Sequential formation loads Thursday thru Saturday • Freefly organizer tba • John Storrie will be heading up the Wingsuit Flocking State Record Dive • Additional organizers will be available for 8 to 12 way skydives Entertainment • Friday: DJ • Saturday: tba • Sunday: tba Food (included with paid registration) • Beer flows 24/7 • Hog roast and Iowa Sweet corn feed Wednesday night • Iowa Pork Chop Dinner Saturday night • World Famous Roadkill Chili Sunday night • Food vendors will be onsite throughout the entire boogie (bring additional $ for this) Parties/Contests • Every night! • Best Dressed contest/Polyester Party Saturday • Swoop N Chug contest • Chicken Pooper raffle • Keg pyramid building contest future updates to be announced in this thread and on
  13. First few flights were on a borrowed BM Classic and GTI both of which were so big on me I had to tuck the booties inside the legs then use rubber bands to tie up the ends of the arms and legs to keep my hands and feet from getting lost in the wings which were way too long. The 1st suit I owned was an S3 which as it was made for me had smaller wings than what I had learned on.
  14. Glad you can make it -- c'ya there!
  15. The Otter arrives tomorrow (Wednesday) and jumping will start as soon as the plane can be filled and continue all weekend!
  16. Girls records..good...maybe we should try a wingsuit record too....hmmm
  17. joni


    Hey JC! So you finally got a wingsuit!! congrats! Glad you like it ! Joni
  18. If you live in the midwest and are looking for other birds to fly with, come and join us at LSPC's boogie on July 17- 20 in Plattsmouth, NE, just south of Omaha. We have several club members with wing suits and we will be flocking. Plattsmouth Municipal Airport, Plattsmouth, NE
  19. How in the world did this drift to gay chatter? Zach, I did not need to know that much. Scott - never would have guessed? Anyway thanks to those of you who were helpful. I wish I could get there for one of the events but right now work controls my schedule. If anyone is going to be there around the 7th let me know.
  20. I may be in the LA area June 6-7 at which LA area DZ am I more likely to find some other wingsuits that weekend?
  21. Happy New Year to Everyone! 2007 was an amazing year, and the sport has gained so much recognition. At home not long ago wingsuits were barely known of at local DZ's, just yesterday I was asked about them by a wuffo. Birds and Flocks are here to stay!