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  1. Hi guys, got a couple of second hand Crossfire 1 135's lined up at a great price, so I was after a couple of cheap mains to get me through the budget blues at the moment. There in good nick and they have had the line mods done. I was wondering if anybody knows the difference between the XF1 and the XF2? I plan on keeping them for a bit until I order my 2 new Xf2's 129's. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I was after some advice on how to get some "safe" speed out of my canopy. I am on a Safire 2 135 loaded at 1.4. I currently am doing 90 degree front risers and can do the consistently and accurately. I find that after the riser input I am usually a bit high and need to stay on the fronts to keep the speed up and even to the point that all the speed washes off. ( Obviously too high but I'm not bothered). Is this ok? Even though I am loosing the speed generated by the turn. I dont mind doing this at this point because I know that I'm not too close to the deck and is a bit safer. I have also been doing 270's up high with full height hop n pops. I am wondering what is the principle behind it? Do you do the turn and stay on the risers to maintain the dive or after the turn is completed, you shouldnt have to do any input on rears/toggles until the flare at the end? Is a 270 safer than a 180 due to the lack of vision of looking over your shoulder? This is what I've been told and tend to agree a bit even though I havent done any 270's close to the deck yet. A few of the guy's like to bury a toggle and do a huge 180 degree hookie and they generate heaps of speed for there swoop. Fronts are heaps safer in my book and I plan to stick with it. What do ya think? All help is always appreciated, thanks.
  3. My first canopy was a Sabre 150 and after the 2nd back cracker I couldnt wait to get rid of it!!! I made a phone call and the local Icarus dealer was quite prepared to sell me a Crossfire 129 at 50 jumps!!! No kidding. I knew this was a potential disaster. I currently only do 90 or 180 front riser turns and land consistently doing either. I have been told that doing anymore than that is unsafe on a Safire. I have done many 270 fronts up high but have listened to those in the "know" and not done it close to the deck. Is the 270 front riser unsafe on this canopy???? The reason I wanted the Crossfire is because of the snapier turns, a bit faster, better glide and all round more fun to fly. Also I can progress to the 270's and easily keep this canopy for 500 - 100 jumps even longer. Just for the record, I am not going to race out and order one as soon as I hit 200 jumps, I was just after some good advice on the viability of getting one. I love my jumping and plan on doing it for alot more years yet, without any more trips to the hospital. ( other extreme sports ). Appart from being less forgiving for obvious reasons, how much faster is the Crossfire? I appreciate everyone's advice, thanks again.
  4. A bit more fun to fly, snapier turns, better glide and a bit faster.
  5. Wilst I appreciate everyone's input / advice, your's was the funniest! I roared laughing!!!!!!! Love your sense of humour!
  6. Hey Everyone, I am considering buying a Crossfire 2 129 when I hit 200 jumps. I was wondering what you all might think about it. After my Aff course, my first canopy was a Sabre 150, ( and first rig ) which I only kept for 30 jumps. Got a Safire 2 135 which I am currently jumping without any problems, loaded at 1.4. Is the Crossfire 129 a bit much at 200 jumps or ok? On a 129 I'll be loaded at 1.472. Thanks.
  7. Hey everyone, thanks for the help from my last post. I hopefully will be having a demo suit jump/s in about a month's time. So was wondering if a GTI is ok for a first suit? Since you guys have suggested that the S3 is a bit much for a first suit, I was wondering if the GTI is ok for a first purchase? And how long/ how many jumps, before you are likely to want to upgrade to the S3? Is there much difference between the two?Also, can you fly these things on your back, like leading a tracking jump, or are they designed to fly the right way up? Heaps of questions I know, but I want to be sure before making a purchase and which suit to demo, thanks again!!!
  8. Hey everyone, considering buying a Birdman suit but a little unsure as to which one. I havent had a jump of one as yet but am looking forward to having a go. My favourite type jumps above all is tracking jumps, and a wingsuit jump looks even more fun!! Is the Skyflyer 3 too much of a task for a 1st suit or would the GTR be more manageable? I dont want to buy something that I will get bored with too quickly and have to sell to upgrade as I have done many times before with different sports over the years. Any comments or advice would be appreciated, Thanks.