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  1. Here's all the images I've been provided thus far. (Note: Some might be prior to the event as I have not looked at them yet) Photo credit to Nick Campbell.
  2. Olympic records fall at the venue they are at, whether it be sea level or altitude. Assuming (I have not checked) that the FAI records are similar. Guess you'll have to come next time and swoop the big air. Results and photos I was given yesterday will be posted as soon as I can get a chance to get them up.
  3. 619' by Jay Moledzki new FAI Distance Record. broken by almost 100' and done uphill on his first attempt. (I think he's just getting warmed up) Mark Shimmel - did 594', just prior to Jay... *edit to add...I've just been informed that Jay's distance has been broken. Awaiting FAI verification.
  4. They gave me the results this morning so they have been posted now.
  5. As soon as the results are emailed to me, they will be posted on
  6. Volunteers are needed for various duties during the GoFast Challenge4 and CPC Championships at Mile Hi Skydiving Center during the event (details here). Volunteers will receive an event staff T-shirt as well as other goodies (including jump ticket perks) for their service. For more information or to sign up, contact the dropzone via phone - 303.702.9911 - or email [email protected]
  7. Mile-Hi Skydiving Center, Longmont Colorado will have an Otter available for jumping seven days per week now thru the end of the season. Hope to see you here!
  8. Mile Hi Skydiving will have a Super Otter beginning this weekend (June 17) until further notice. Our own Super Otter is in the put together stages and will be online soon!
  9. New Additions to Mile-Hi Skydiving Center 5280 Boogie. Lyle Presse will organize low to middle experience RW jumpers. Lyle will also hold a Swoop Competition Seminar Saturday night. The Menu for Saturdays food, which is offered by Jumper Jim Kastor: Cole Slaw Corn on the cob Brisket Smoked Turkey Smoked Pork Watermelon Yummy! SkyVan will be ready to jump Friday and fly thru Sunday! HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE!
  10. Checked with the DZ and there will be RW and FF organizing.
  11. Mile Hi Skydiving Presents the 2nd Annual 5280 Boogie June 10-12. Skydive AZ Skyvan, King Air, Swoop Competition (June 11), Pioneers of Skydiving, CSL Competition. Dinner Saturday night included in boogie fee ($20).
  12. Mile-Hi Skydiving Center, the only full time, first class skydiving training facility within 100 miles of the Denver metro area, and a short 12 mile hop from Boulder and the only skydiving facility to perform over 5000 Tandem Fun jumps a year in Colorado! We're only a few miles from the mountains and Colorado's Long's Peak making your skydive a very scenic adventure. We cater for both newcomers and experienced jumpers. We can also jump from 18 000' above sea level.