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  1. Yes, I was with Allen ... I am REALLY excited to do it again and really anticipate that I will be doing it on my own some day soon! I can't stop thinking about it!!!
  2. Two weeks ago, I made my first skydive. i did a tandem at Skydive Elsinore. prior to the skydive, i was terrified. I have a terrible fear of heights and of falling. I turned everything off and just went for it. The problem is that in turning off my emotions in order to allow myself to dive, I don't remember the freefall or the canopy opening. I want to do it again and experience it all. I also think I am addicted to it. I am considering working my way up to getting licensed. .... I am terrified and thrilled all at the same time. I am sure that in and of itself is a part of the thrill. I am sure that to you experienced people are thinking it's no big deal for a tandem .. but it was HUGE for me as someone who is afraid of everything .... It changed my life. I can't wait to do it on my own!
  3. Now I don't want to jump anywhere else! I live in NY and traveled all the way to California for my first jump. I was in the group of 15 that Ricci was in and can second everything that she said in the previous review! I have been deathly afraid of heights and of falling and jumping my entire life. This was a major feat for me to go on my first skydive. I researched and fretted and found Elsinore to be top notch in safety. Betsy took extra time to talk to me and to make sure that I knew what I was getting into, but to realize that it is the best thing I will ever do. She came and found me afterwards to make sure I was ok. The people at Elsinore are phenomenal. My tandem instructor was knowledgable and attentive as well. I keep watching the DVD and looking at the pictures over and over and over again! Now that I am back in NY, I am ready to do it again, but I am afraid that my experience with Skydive Elsinore was TOO good and that everywhere else will pale in comparison. Thank you Skydive Elsinore. You made the first tandem skydive for a very scared person AWESOME!