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  1. Three years ago I had S1, L5, L4 fused. Prior to the surgery I spent every day managing pain. Since the surgery I've enjoyed zero pain. I have had to give up running at more than about a 10 min/mile pace and not more than two miles. I've replaced that with weight lifting and core strength exercises. You are a couple decades younger than I, so your doctor may not be keen on doing this surgery on you yet. The things that worked for me in the pain management era were yoga, walking (get a dog, they love it), minor weight lifting, avoiding things that caused pain and using every legal over the counter helper I could get. I wish you the best as you find ways to deal with it.
  2. I bumped into Bill a few weeks ago at Sebastian, he was as warm and generous as ever. That will always be my memory of him, large, infectious smile, kind hearted and ready to share a laugh and a skydive. Blue Skies My Friend.
  3. Meux


    Black Vector V3 with Smoke Gray Split Vee, Spectre 170, PDR-160, Vigil
  4. Meux

    Spectre 170

    Vector V3, Spectre 170, PDR -160, vigil
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    Vector V3 Mostly Black, with Smoke Gray Split Vee. Spectre 170 mostly Orange, PDR -160, Vigil
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    Mirage G4 with Spectre 190, PDR 176, cypres
  7. Meux


    Mirage G4 with Spectre 190 main, PDR-176 reserve and cypres AAD
  8. Good Luck JRW!!
  9. Later this year I plan on celebrating my 60th birthday by making 60 jumps on that day. Many people have done it before, I'm wondering what kind of stuff do I need to consider? How many packers, how many rigs, etc. Does anyone know of a 60/60 club? I know POPS did their SOS 60 way, which I hope to be a part of in the future. What of jumpers who've made that many jumps in one day. Thanks for your constructive ideas.
  10. Great event!! much fun, learned a ton, met a bunch of new folk, the Sunday morning weather kinda sucked, but other than that all around good time. Will definitely look for this again. Highly recommended.
  11. Thanks for sharing, great story. When I got my Silver Wings from the Air Force we promptly took those wings off our uniform and broke them in half. The idea was that the first time we crossed an ocean we'd throw one half of the broken wings in the ocean and keep the other half. The saying at the time was, "May these be the only wings you ever break". I've been lucky so far, and hope to never break another set of wings. No offense intended to anyone, but I think USAF Pilot Wings are the best looking of any institution, military or civilian. Just my opinion. I can't imagine the courage it took to take a jet straight in.
  12. Congratulations on a double well done. Good for you, good for the dogs. A serious team effort!! Here's to 80 for 80. I wanna be like you when I grow up.
  13. Savoy Brown had some good stuff, as did Ten Years After. Did anyone mention Blind Faith? The last time this classic rock thing came up I spent hours on You Tube watching old videos, great fun.
  14. Meux

    A hero dies

    Scroll down a little from Fitch's story and read about "The Man Who Rode Thunder". Wow, what a story!! THanks for posting, great website.