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  1. Meux

    Your First Reserve Ride - Go Time

    Great words!!
  2. Meux

    Contact Us

    Thank you for helping me get my stolen gear back. Within hours of posting the information I was contacted by the staff of a skydiving facility that they had my gear and two bad guys were in custody.
  3. 22+14=36 WAYS!!!! WAHOOEY!! CAN'T WAIT
  4. Meux


    I flew NWA 727s for 14 years. One day I timed a takeoff from brake release to flap retraction at 1,000' and on that day it took 2:15. Once the plane is cleaned up I'm sure you could easily maintain a 3,000 fpm rate to 10,000' so my estimate is 5:15ish. My best ever (civilian) time to climb was in an empty 757-300 where we went from brake release to level at FL 390 in 13 minutes. That was fun.
  5. Meux

    What is this plane? #32

    looks like a cartoon, Isn't that the old Cessna PorterVan?
  6. Meux

    Weights VS Fall Rate

    Last March at the POPS Florida Record Attempt, there was a guy with three jump suits he used to adjust his fall rate. This doesn't answer your question, it merely suggests that there is another way to adjust fall rate. Mo POPS 9876
  7. Meux

    Florida Trip

    Get a hotel at Daytona Beach for your wife and then drive the 12 miles to Deland for your skydiving. That is as good as it gets. MH
  8. Meux

    TSA at dropzones?

    Scary, very scary. There is nothing that big government can't screw up.
  9. Meux

    Skydive Space Center...

    STS 116 landing scheduled for the 22? Shouldn't be a total buzz kill
  10. Meux

    New POPs record for Georgia

    Awesome!! Congrats.
  11. Try Sky Dive Twin Cities, which is just off the interstate near Baldwin, WI. Good fun DZ, Cheers, MH
  12. Meux

    Off AFF, now what?

    Congratulations Bill K, If you want to hear it, I'll tell you what I did between AFF and the A license. Made a couple solo fun jumps, just to laugh my ass off and celebrate this new thing. Next, I went to a different DZ and took a canopy course, specifically Deland and Scott Millers course. Highly recommend this, or something like it. Next I made 12 jumps with an instructor, 10 were belly flying, docking, fall rate control, exits, basic RW. The other 2 were attempts at sit flying. Very fun, hope to do more of that someday, after I learn how to belly fly. I also went to the tunnel in Orlando and got 20 minutes of instruction there. Another great way to build confidence. All that will get you to your A. Have fun and keep jumping. Mo
  13. Meux

    Skydive Space center

    Sorry, no pictures, but that is where I did my AFF not so long ago and I have many happy pictures in my mind. Enjoy your time there, make sure you spend some time on the most beautiful beach in Florida, Playlinda. Cheers, Mo