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  1. co_sky_pirate

    Josh Nahum

    I really can't believe this. I wasn't there but heard the story and heard about his seemingly great recovery. Such a sad day. As others have said here, Josh was not only a great skydiver and instructor...he was an awesome person in general. A real no-BS standup guy by default. If you were a student he told it how it was whether you liked it or not, but also took a genuine part in trying to make you better both on and off the ground. Very heads up and a fun fixture around the DZ, always talkin smack and having fun. I remember not too long ago last season when I had a freshly cut A-license, he took me out to a different hangar on the airport to show me the Otter Frank was finishing up. You should've seen his eyes. To say he was excited to jump that thing was a huge understatement. He was always the social guy too, introducing newbies to more experienced jumpers and the like, and I will always be appreciative of the things he's done for the DZ and students. You will be sorely missed, Josh, and someday we'll meet up again. Eternal blues and sincere condolences to your friends and family.
  2. co_sky_pirate


    What a great first container! Just got mine a few weeks ago, and it's been exactly what I was looking for. Easy to pack, comfortable to wear, safe for freeflying, and killer looks on the ground and in the sky. Great rig at a reasonable price. Haven't had my riser covers come undone once, they're solid and stay where I put em. The backpad and laterals kick butt, and the articulated harness gives you maximum mobility. I could easily sleep in mine. SOOO much better than rental gear!!! It even came with extra stowbands and a closing loop, a pullup cord, some stickers, and a bottle coozie. Go won't regret it! Undoubtably the best skydiving-related purchase I've made, besides AFF). Next rig? Wings baby!
  3. co_sky_pirate

    Altimaster Galaxy

    Bought my alti a week before I started AFF (obviously wanted to get into the sport for the long run!) and it has put up with quite a bit from a newbie. It fell out of a Protec helmet on a shelf 6 feet off the cement floor (OUCH!) this past weekend. And guess what? Not even a scratch! Tested and jumped it an hour later. Wonderful fit and finish from an outstanding manufacturer. Also, the wrist strap part wraps perfectly around my gloves' velcro for a little added security. Get one today, worth every penny!