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  1. Now everyone hold hands and sing the Hatikva--the circlejerk is off to an early start.
  2. Clearly Wow! The reincarnation of Golda Meir. Bullshit and more nationalistic/racist bullshit parroted by dispensationist cultists and uber nationalists. Utter bullshit. Complete bullshit. Go back to school. “Keep your elbow up!"
  3. Tough talk from another Zionist apparatchik defender of the neo-Holocaust. Strap on your fucking chute, your M4, your macho cybernuts and kite on down into the fray, Alphonse. Right to exist, my ass! Nuke Tel Aviv and we'll call it even. Over and out. “Keep your elbow up!"
  4. Most of us don't even bother engaging in these nonsense conversations anymore. And it refutes the cliche that "all skydivers are brothers". Shit, they're just people who happen to jump out of planes, too. I usually read `em and weep (as the saying goes). Third of all `Mericans are either complete or functional illiterates. So . . . there you go . . . “Keep your elbow up!"
  5. I've heard that a good holster makes all the difference. I like my 13-round cap .45 Kimber, so I don't have to compromise on a lesser caliber. Anyway, a nice IWB holster like the CrossBreed Supertuck should enable you to carry just about any gun you want--unless you're built like Nicole Richie and wearing a t-shirt dress! “Keep your elbow up!"
  6. Nice fairy tale for armchair commandos. Good guys get the RUNS after hearing the safety click off in the living room now that the badguy has targeted your position. Ooooopppps! Help me! I'm dead and I can't get up . . . . “Keep your elbow up!"
  7. And all you poor schmucks whose 401ks are in the toilet . . . too effin bad--now get back to work (if you still have a job). Socialism for the rich--free enterprise for you scumsucking proles. [Don't forget to bow as the chariot passes] “Keep your elbow up!"
  8. "reactionary moronic ramblings of dogma-driven whackos." Wow--another defender of the realm falling on ad hominem. How typical. “Keep your elbow up!"
  9. "Modern assault rifles trace their lineage back to the sturmgeweher. The whole point is just to put as much lead in the air as possible--not to actually hit anything." Huwuhhhh?? Shit--why not just give the troopies a bunch of sawed off 12-gauge shotguns or Tech 9s--since they don't care if they hit anything. Maybe the noise'll make the baddies run away like little girls! Come on. Are you getting your military info from some stoner Viet draftee who shot full-auto out of his foxhole between tokes? Where I live an AK-47 is the ideal weapon for defending a small ranch. Shots out to 300 yards? Not gonna happen in this hilly and semi-treed area. I plan on being the DEFENDER--not the assault force. If you're coming at me with anything from an M-14 to a Glock 17 you gotta enter MY killing field. The AK is accurate enough under 300 meters. That is . . . accurate enough to put humans down. Wounded or dead matters not to me. I can move around the land working between junipers and other structures. In a pinch I can "walk" 10-20+ rounds into a vehicle or small group from my hip and pop in another 30-rounder in the blink of an eye. Now if I lived in Iraq or the plains of Texas, I'd own an FAL in .308. But I don't. So I don't. “Keep your elbow up!"
  10. Sounds like you're supplying a quality long range rifle, instead of one of those inaccurate Commie stamped sheet metal junkers. In a real world scenario I'll take my "Commie stamped sheet metal junker" AK which is a reliable zombie-killer/wounder out to 300+ yards and my extra five 30-rd magazines in my sneaky bag. I'm v-e-r-y mobile. You long-rangers can freeze in your ghili suits on the hill as the designated marksmen while the warriors shlep our "peasant rifles" into the fight. Oh, and the poodle shooters (ARs) can take all the prairie dogs they want. “Keep your elbow up!"
  11. Compared to what? “Keep your elbow up!"
  12. Looks like it's payback time for BO. “Keep your elbow up!"
  13. BOO-effin-HOO!! “Keep your elbow up!"
  14. I can verify that folks here in gun-friendly AZ are buying firearms at a record rate. I, personally, finally bought my own evil black gun and several hi-cap magazines as well as a Ruger 10/22 with hi-cap mags for the little woman. I've got lots of ammo now, too. The gun store had a big poster of Obama on the back of their front door with lots of scary talking points. Oh jeez! "Hank, better make that TWO cases of Wolf!" “Keep your elbow up!"
  15. Palin says: "Friends, now is no time to experiment with socialism. To me our opponent’s plan sounds more like big government, which is the problem. Bigger government is not the solution. Whatever you call his tax plan and that redistribution of wealth it will destroy jobs. It will hurt our economy.” Farmer John--who gets government subsidies for his corn crop--finishes watching the Faux News story about some $700 billion-dollar bailout of the "free market" wall streeters, drives over to the US Post Office to pickup his social security check and then drives over to the local pharmacy to pickup his Medicare heart meds. As he listens to Rush Limbaugh on FCC-controlled airwaves he says, "Damn commies are gonna 'experiment with socialism'--my ass!" “Keep your elbow up!"
  16. I'll bet that we see sub-6000, A dead cat bounce or two in between and then it's Katie bar the door. Got rice, beans, booze and ammo? “Keep your elbow up!"
  17. And another reason for getting past the partisan Repug Democrap paradigm. It's the old "divide and conquer" redux the elites have used for centuries to keep the peasants from revolting. As Carlin said: "It's a big club--and you ain't in it." So y'all go back to your cubicles now. There's nothing to see here. Move along now . . . . “Keep your elbow up!"
  18. From the AP "McCain Volunterr Changes ATM Attack Story" "PITTSBURGH – Pittsburgh police say a McCain campaign volunteer who said she was held down by a black man who cut the letter "B" in her face has changed her story. Police spokeswoman Diane Richard says investigators gave the 20-year-old woman a lie-detector test and are 'looking at some inconsistencies' in her story. The student, Ashley Todd, of College Station, Texas, initially said a black man robbed her at knifepoint Wednesday night and then cut her cheek after seeing a McCain sticker on her car. Police say bank surveillance footage doesn't show her at an ATM where she says she was attacked. Todd, who is white, now says she was knocked unconscious and doesn't remember being cut. She now says she only discovered the wound later. No arrests have been made." Even wingnuts like Michell Malkin think this story doesn't pass the sniff test. I'm going with pathetic hoax. Faux News and Drudge need some fresh material. Shuuuuhhh!! “Keep your elbow up!"
  19. Apparently, "W" doesn't think so. "Doug Thompson, publisher of Capitol Hill Blue, says he's talked to three people present last month [11/05] when Republican Congressional leaders met with President Bush in the Oval Office to talk about renewing the Patriot Act. That act, passed by legislators who hadn't read it, in the immediate aftermath of 9-11 (when most people were shell-shocked and lawmakers in particular disinclined to use their brains), has of course been criticized as containing unconstitutional elements. All three GOP politicians quote their president as saying: 'Stop throwing the Constitution in my face! It's just a goddamned piece of paper!'" Signing statements, executive orders, Wall Street bailouts not subject to judicial review? Maybe it IS just a goddamned piece of paper. “Keep your elbow up!"
  20. It's the reverse of the NRA argument. They argue that if the government takes awaay my right to own an AK47, the door will be open to take away my hunting rifle and revolver. If that argument is valid (and I'm not saying it is) then the converse is valid where someone asks, "What level of weapons are allowed? If you allow an AK47, the next thing they'll allow are cannons, then nukes." It's the same argument. I don't agree with the argument but both sides use it. I don't see the problem at all. An AK-47 is roughly equivalent to what a modern militia member would carry to defend the country against tyranny or for self-defense. It doesn't logically lead to nukes or tanks. And leaving citizens only able to arm themselves with so-called hunting rifles and low capacity magazines is a de facto disarming of the populace. As I've had to explain to many people: the 2nd Amendment has ZERO--nada--no-thing to do with hunting. It--like the rest of the Bill Of Rights--is an individual right. It was enumerated as a defense against those forces that would deprive the people of their freedom/lives and it has never been more relevant than it is in these ugly, Consitution-gutting times. “Keep your elbow up!"
  21. +1 on the Pedialyte--but I'd buy the store brand (same formula but way cheaper). Here in northern AZ a popular product with Grand Canyon hikers, mountain bikers et al is Gookinade--now called Vitalyte. You can get a 35 oz/1000gm tub for about $10 in many sporting goods stores and hospital pharmacies (orange and lemonade flavors--maybe more). One tub makes ~80 eight-oz servings of only 40 calories. You can't beat it. BTW, I would say that most folks my wife treated in the Grand Canyon Clinic who had been sweating profusely and/or suffering from heat exhaustion were suffering (besides dehydration) from a potassium deficiency. It is common with heavy drinkers and heavy coffee drinkers, too. Heart skipping beats? Fatigued? Probably low on K. “Keep your elbow up!"
  22. Darwin's Deputies--we're everywhere!!! “Keep your elbow up!"
  23. Obama blew the chance to tell McCain that the whole "wipe Israel off the map" bit is a complete fairy tail invented by the Israel-firsters, but then Obama has his hand in that cookie jar, too. So . . . all things considered, I'd say it was a tie: 0-0 “Keep your elbow up!"
  24. Great idea, but you realise you won't be able to use any police to arrest them, or have any prisons to put them in, right? Check the shoes of these "anarchists". Probably cop credentials tucked away somewhere. Like they said in the 60s, if someone suggests you blow something up and they just happen to have a stick of dynamite you can use--it's probably a cop (or FBI, or BATF, or DHS). But, hey! Hell of a job those cops did on Amy Goodman and company at the RNC, eh? Jackbooted ninja turtles ripping press credentials off of journalists necks, stomping on their backs, pushing their faces into the cement, and cutting off their hand circulation with those atavistic ziptie cuffs? But, as sure as "W" misunderestimates the intelligence of the American people, you can count on Faux Noise to spin the story into those troublemaking anarchists getting their just desserts now Honey can you turn back to the Jerry Lewis Telethon my head hurts and be a good ol' gal and fetch me `nother Bud. “Keep your elbow up!"
  25. [reply "A religion that does not respect the sanctity of human life is not a religion at all - it's a cult." mh The only difference between a cult and a religion is the number of members. Speaking of cultists, let's look at the million or so dead/wounded since the Iraq invasion, another million or so dead during the sanctions/no-fly-zone hysteria--not to mention Gulf I. [We won't even bother with those sorry s.o.b.s in Afghanistan.] Heck, by current totals those Judeo-Christian cultists in the Pentagon & White House have surpassed the corpse count of the Khmer Rouge. Way to go all you cwazy cultists. That cwazy Cwistian, Truman, gave the thumbs up for Hiroshima and Nagasaki as I recall. Dresden ring a bell? P.S. The Goddess Of Ethanolia says I'm most definately *not* in a cult. “Keep your elbow up!"