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  1. I noticed that there are two types of cypres- a single and double pin. Does each container require a different one, or do both types fit on any container that is cypres ready?
  2. Could someone go over some of the basics on controlling the glide ratio of your canopy. I know winds make this a little more complicated, so lets stick with calm winds. Does you glide ratio increase the more brakes/ rear risers you use? Does it decrease the more front risers you use? Thanks for the help. CP
  3. I am looking at a used Dolphin, but I seem to recall several conversations around the club about how people will not ever buy a Dolphin. Is there any good reason not to buy a Dolphin container. Do people question their safety, or are they uncomfortable, or is it just cosmetic things that people do not like. Thanks CP
  4. you must not have taught her a good plf yet! CP
  5. Is there a recommended maximum size difference between the main and reserve and should one or the other be smaller?
  6. I really don't understand this reasoning... If you know someone who has died why would you continue? Well let me compile a short list of some of the activities where people have died while participating. football, hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, swimming, surfing, roller coasters, sex, volleyball, golf, bowling, shuffle board, playing packman arcade game, reading romance novel, etc. etc... Basically what I am getting at is that everyone dies, and I guarantee someone has died doing every activity you can possibly imagine. Obviously you don't think we should quit all activity for fear of death. So what is the difference? Well I think what you are getting at is that it is easy to imagine the consequences of falling to the ground. For the non skydiver or novice skydiver, it is a very unnatural concept to fall through the atmosphere and this creates some natural instincts that reject that activity. Your subconscious mind tries to protect you and creates a feeling of fear. Well what your subconscious mind does not have is reason- and that is far more helpful in saving your life. Sometimes instincts work against you. For example the instinct to run from danger. How many dangerous situations are best solved by running? Anyhow, what I am getting at is that if you actually use some reason to think about skydiving, you will realize that it is extremely safe. An average of thirty some skydivers do die every year, and it is a possibility for any of us. But what about the average of 40,000+ people who die EVERY year from car accidents! I think that is where you need to focus your attention if you want to talk about people participating in dangerous activities. The reason people don't is that it is hard to imagine the consequences of driving since it is such a common practice. People just don't think about the potential of blowing out a tire, skidding into the oncoming lane, and being thrown into the grill of someone's F350 truck. To directly answer your question, everyone who skydives will probably know someone who has died while jumping. But it is completely absurd to think about quiting the sport for that reason alone. Hope you find the thrill in the sport yourself! CP