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  1. Fly free old buddy. A good man with an amazing spirit. A great ambassador for our sport. Blue skies...Lee
  2. Goodbye Burt, my friend. I'm glad we had a chance to have a few laughs together in those last couple of days. Big ways won't be the same without your friendly smile and great stories. Fly free, brother. My condolences to Burt's family; it was brave of you to come to Eloy and meet us. I hope you left knowing how much we loved him too.
  3. Eli represents the very best qualities of the skydiving community. That smile will live forever. Peace
  4. From Thailand to Texas, we had many great jumps together, and many wide ranging conversations over beer or weather holds. We didn't have time to finish all we wanted to do or say, my friend. Susan and I miss you. I can't be in Dallas today, but our mutual friend, the man who introduced us, will be there representing. Peace.
  5. My wife and I both found your story to be quite inspiring. Thank you for posting this. Good luck and blue skies on your coming jumps. We'll be watching. Cheers
  6. Thanks, that was a few years ago, and it seems to be working. Lucky me... Good luck and feel free to ask.
  7. Based on several such jumps for ad shoots and one marriage proposal (attached) are wise to carefully consider how to rig the banner. it is not "just another skydive". A friend had one spin up rapidly on his hand as he let go to deploy and it was instantly a streamer firmly attached to his hand. For this reason, never use a loop of line to attach the banner. Here's how I do it: ...have the banner made of mesh material for light weight and less resistance, with extra binding tape across the bottom. I also have the message screen printed rather than vinyl letters which can roll up or blow off. ...Have 4 grommets spaced across the bottom ...Use lengths of wooden dowel attached with short lines as your handles. ...Use a felt marker on each dowel to indicate left hand, right hand and front of banner. ...I exit w/ both dowels in my left hand and the banner rolled up. As I approach the video (or future fiance) I unroll the fabric, glance at my dowels and place each in the proper hand and orientation. You don't want it to come out backwards. ...Once clear and ready to deploy, I put both dowels in my left hand and deploy normally. ...By using dowels instead of a loop I am able to move it from hand to hand, keep it under control and release it easily if I go to emergency procedures. ...Do not wear gloves or a top of the hand mounted altimeter. ...most of what I am suggesting is visible in the attached photo. Consider the dive carefully, and make the banner minimum size. 4-5 feet is very long and can cause issues with floating up in the center. Dowels help with this as well. Have fun and send us a picture.
  8. Great job everyone. Congratulations. It's hard to believe, but I'll be joining you next year. Lee
  9. I had heard there was no fracture this is sad news. Heal fast Betty, we missed you in D plane.
  10. I'm going to pin dollar bills and fake 401K statements all over my jumpsuit and go as "The economy in freefall" Jeez, i love candy corn!
  11. Harry was one of the great ambassadors of our sport. He will be missed as evidenced by the number of lives he touched on this thread alone. A small sampling, I'm sure. Janna, my heart goes out to you. Lee
  12. Hey Woody...Where did you "run across" that article? Hanging over your mantle? I thought you were the one who taught me to hang my reserve from one side after opening for acccuracy jumps. Hmmm...must have been someone else Lee
  13. [email protected] I couldn't find Bill Kowalski's e-mail, guess I lost it in the crash. The address above is his brother Jimmy, and I'm sure he can get you in touch with Bill. Lee