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  1. Chris, I am getting to this one kind of late, but f*** those people. I have met you on several occasions and you are an excellent person and by no means dangerous. You were more than generous enough to take the time to coach me, which is definitely the sign of a dangerous self-absorbed skydiver. Only you and the people there know what happened. When I saw the video (a while back) it seemed like a funny incident, that was well within control. In my opinion, there is a trend where particular people who have nothing to do with an incident like to analyze and draw conclusions about what might have happened whether anything happened or not. These are the same people who like to walk around the DZ crucifying and labeling people for things (bad landing, bad spotting, getting on top of a freefly jump...etc) instead of teaching them a better way. I know this is a self policing sport and we need to keep it going, but this is ridiculous. This is skydiving and it is dangerous. There is no way we can make this into basket-weaving. These people should be doing something positive for the sport instead of trying to kill and label those who are doing good things for us. So a big double FU to them and their overworked keyboards. Forget them Chris and continue to do what you are doing. Oh yeah...Rant Over.
  2. Bontrager Race. No longer made, not that light, but a nice riding steel hardtail. It was suspended with a RockShox Judy XL and a combination of Deore XT and Race Face Components. My road ride was Trek 2100, then Trek 5200 outfitted with Ultegra. I was able to borrow a Litespeed Ultimate for while, which was nice. All these rides are now past tense due to moving. Since you are considering a new bike I would look into Trek and or Specialized. I know everyone owns one but they offer a lot of bike of the money. I worked at a bike shop for about 8 years, which was a Trek/Specialized dealer and their product for the value and customer service was excellent.
  3. Dont forget he has Prop to deal with should he overshoot wing. Also hitting a plane in freefall wouldn't be much fun, people hurt enough. Not to mention damaging the plane. I think having the plane in a comfortable relative speed was the goal, regardless of orientation
  4. Jumped when equipment was dangerous Remembered when sliders were invented Cutting away used more than one handle Wore a reserve on your belly Can spot a load
  5. I haven't jumped in a while, but Max Cohn is an excellent coach. He is worth every penny. I wasn't a big fan until I actual go a chance to fly with him. He is an excellent freeflyer and teacher. I have met bad ass freeflyers, but they can't teach the skill. Max is very calm, through in his debriefs and has different methods of getting things across to a student. He is also a good judge of your skill level and will make sure the jumps you do are productive. He fixed out a problem I was struggling with in two jumps. He also knew when I was asking for too much in a jump and simplfied the dive, so I spent more time practice one skill instead for trying to do 10 skills once. If you can find Max coach at a boogie give him a shot.
  6. JAFO - Just Another Fucking Observer
  7. Dave Mustaine, apparantely had some severe wrist injury and he decided to disbanded Megadeth. I would guess that is about two or three years ago. Then he decided to reform Megadeth a couple of months back, released an album, and is now headlining Gigatour this summer. Seeing them back in 91', they were absolutely the tightest band, musically they were flawless live.
  8. I really have nothing more to add other than what has been said, I was not there for better or for worse. Sara was one my best friends in the world and the other skydiver I knew well. Yonathon is also a good friend of mine and this is hard for all of us. I am only here to reinforce what he has said. Do not speculate, do not debate what you do not know, do not turn this thread into a argumentive debate or a circus sideshow. Respect those who are no longer with us. That is all for now.
  9. I did 10 jumps on a new style GTI. Its a lot of fun and I find it rather relaxing. You can just cruise in the suit if you want or you can really work on flying it to get longer flights, formations etc. They seemed intimidating at first, with all the zippers and cutaways, but I found myself pretty comfortable after 2 or 3 flights. I also jumped mine using a Stilleto 135 loaded @ 1.4 and it was very managable. I had line twists once and just kicked out. Ideally an elipical is not the first choice to use jumping wingsuits, especially heavily loaded ones, but its not suicide to use one. It all depends on your comfort level and how well you fly at deployment. Later
  10. rogue108

    I'm Done.

    See ya...Peace out and Enjoy
  11. Isn't passing batteries especially D-Cells dangerous. You could kill someone if you dropped one. Hell for some of those "tools" you would have to pass like 4 D-Cells. It would be like a cluster bombing if enough got free and it would be way worse than a spaceball getting loose. Everyone should seek shelter, that day.
  12. I apologize...I must have missed a couple of jumps on Saturday. That last jump on Saturday was beyond dark. A couple of people mentioned that they would have prefered staying in the plane, since it was so dark. I didn't realize jumpers were still up there until I noticed people were missing. The following day, Sunday was pretty slow and on Monday it was just Maggot and I. Anyway, Perry mentioned today that he really wants to just fly this weekend. So all wingsuit flyers who want to fly show up tomorrow or this weekend. Peace out
  13. Let me correct the last post...The only flock was the sunset 8 way which cost Perry his DV camera. Other than that all that was done were two ways w/ Perry and solos. So any wingsuit jumpers that want to show up, please do. Perry would like to organize flocks of various sizes and experience levels. He also has demo suits available for those don't have one. C-Ya