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  1. JCulver

    Cypres-2 fire on ground

    According to the response from Airtec, the unit was activated at jump 183, but they didn't receive the unit until after jump 343. Is it possible that the cutter didn't completely sever the reserve closing loop?
  2. JCulver

    Argus ban discussion (Was Argus Ban List)

    Kinda sitting here twiddling my thumbs at the moment too. I'm due for a repack. Not sure if I'm going to pull it and start jumping again, or sit on it for a couple more weeks and see where this thing goes.
  3. JCulver

    Start Skydiving

    I had been trying to meet up with an old friend for some time. Due to work conflicts, we were unable to get together on the weekend to jump at my home DZ. Start was the only place open on a Monday afternoon in the Ohio area. So, we made the trip down from CMH. Upon arrival, we quickly found that it was one of cleanest dropzone we've ever been to. Staff members pointed us to the waivers and manifest. We got signed up and manifested for the next load. I don't own gear, so I had to rent. I thought the rental prices were fair at just $10/jump. The gear was all brand new. A staff member asked what size canopy I wanted and quickly brought me all the gear I would need. I have heard that this place was kind of cliquie. I didn't see that at all. Everyone we ran into took a minute to introduce themselves, talk skydiving and just BS. We were given a walk around of the dz, including landing zones, patterns, aircraft policies etc. The aircraft was the Fastrax Caravan. It was very clean with a nice big door. (I guess everything is big coming from a cessna DZ). It climbs like a bat out of hell too. We were only able to get 1 jump at 10.5k due to approaching weather. But, we will be heading back next week.
  4. I've been looking for that video for some time now too. I think that happened in 1995-96. I was on the load right before it happened.
  5. JCulver

    dislocated shoulder while in freefall

    I had a non-skydiving shoulder injury on September 20th. Sat around for 5 weeks before I decided to go see a Orthopedic surgeon. Got a MRI done 2 weeks ago and the results show a labral tear from a partial dislocation. Currently, I don't have full motion in my shoulder. Surgery is scheduled for February 6th. I hear it's painful...with a 4-6 month recovery process. The Doc says the surgery will give me my range of motion back plus tighten the muscle/tendon group for better stability. I hope he's right! Edited to add that you also may want to try a tunnel too before you get back in the air. I know I will go to a tunnel after my surgery.
  6. JCulver

    How would you handle this?

    3rd degree burns from that one...
  7. JCulver

    How would you handle this?

    Relax bro....like I said...it's a hypothetical situation. This DIDN'T really happen. I'm trying to get information on what to do if it does happen.
  8. JCulver

    How would you handle this?

    Newbie here....simply hypothetical situation. You are on a RW jump and notice that one of the other jumpers left 3 ring assembly is not connected to the risers. There is an RSL connected too. Knowing that as soon as he deploys his PC, the RSL is going to fire the reserve into a spinning main....more than likely causing an entaglement. How do you fix the problem? Do you communicate to them to pull reserve only?....or do you approach him/her and pull their reserve for them? Forgive me if this is a stupid question...but, trying to learn.
  9. JCulver

    Hooked on Skydiving in Ohio!!

    Welcome.....what part of Ohio? I'm east of Columbus. You'll have fun!
  10. JCulver

    Shannon Neal 6/6/90 - 8/26/08

    Condolences to you and your family. I pray that God gives you peace and comfort.
  11. JCulver

    Forced to put dream on hold

    I was in a similar situation as you. I was just out of high school when I made my first jump. My best friend from grade school once held the record for the youngest solo skydiver....at that time. (Don't know what it is now) He had done 15 tandems and solo'd on his 15th birthday. His father owned the DZ...that's always nice. I wanted so badly to participate in this activity with him...but I had to wait until I was 18. By that time, I was into girls pretty good and as a senior in high school, I was more worried about what I was going to do with my life. I picked a college and started after graduation. My parents were never the kind to give anything to me. They showed/taught me what hard work was and how to achieve those goals. They didn't really have a whole lot to give either. I was on my own for school. I saved money and was able to make 45 jumps in 3 years. It helped that my friend was now a Tandem Instructor by this time and gave me the jumps at cost. But, I bought some gear thru hard work....waiting tables at some shitty restaurant at night while going to class during the day. Graduation day was here and the 'real world' was now upon me. My student loan repayments were going to start in 6 months and I needed to concentrate on getting my life together. Sold my gear, started a decent job that was going to lead to my career path. I found a woman who loved me as much as I loved her. We wanted to build our lives together and start a family. After 11 years together, we have a wonderful home, a beautiful baby girl (10 months old) and after a 9 year lay off from skydiving, I am JUST NOW at the point in my life where it is both financially/emotionally possible for me to start jumping again. I just made my first jump 3 weeks ago for the first time in 9 years. Let me tell you something, there is no shame in putting this on hold. Get your life together. Family is the most important thing one can have. They will always be there for you when skydiving isn't.
  12. JCulver

    stuck in a updraft

    A little off topic here....but how are you financing your own gear? Are you doing it thru a bank or will one of the manufactures hold the account for you? I've never heard of this before.
  13. JCulver

    Fear sitting next to the door

    Doesn't bother me....I want to be next to the door....if something goes wrong with the aircraft, I want to be the first out.
  14. JCulver

    twin otter question (for a pilot )

    What is the typical hobbs reading on a load? .4?
  15. JCulver

    twin otter question (for a pilot )

    There is also some good information regarding typical jump aircraft here: http://www.utilityaircraft.com/acbuyercomparison2008-9prices.xls Although, this is from the PAC 750XL webiste, so it may be a little biased and errors may exisist. But, it should give you a rough estimate.