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  2. I've been jumping Lightnings 160 to terminal since 1994. My current one has several hundred terminal openings. It has world record lines and trim and I load it at about 1.25:1 for freefall. Things I found help to keep openings reasonable: Flat pack instead of propack Pack neat I don't roll the nose or anything else _at all_ D-bag Regular slider Make sure the slider is _all_ the way up and _stays that way_ until the canopy is in the bag Stows and rubber bands as recommended by PD Openings are brisk, but rarely hard. You can pack any canopy to open hard, by the way. Some easier than others. Other thing I like: openings are consistently on heading Over time I became used the canopy opening this way (you release the pilot chute, it opens fast, on heading). No 1000 ft. wondering if its going to open now... not. Maybe now? Not yet. Well... what about NOW? So, when I jump a regular freefall canopy it feels strange.