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  1. Sebastian will NEVER be the same without DL and Val around!!!! Here is an edit I made in commemoration of the Sebastian Eastside crew! I was fortunate enough to take a group trip to Costa Rica this March with DL and Val along with some other amazing people. We were all lucky to have DL as a friend indeed......he was a good 'ol boy that had a heart of gold and the quickest come-backs I've EVER heard. Missing him dearly......Blue Skies DL.
  2. A NON-STOP flight? I could only find a reasonable flight for april 5th. Apparently the weekend before (3/28) is springbreak and the flights were like a $1000 non-stop from Miami to Chicago....What web-site are you using to find a flight that cheap?
  3. Very nice Oh, by the way, the breeder will NOT ship the puppy. I personally have to have someone pick her up. Last case, I'll take the 3 hour flight to/from on the same day. A flight is like $250 or so...not bad - just a day of travel that sucks.
  4. What I need is for someone to meet the breeder at the airport and take the dog (in a dog carrier) on the flight with you down to Florida. I will pay for the extra cost for the airline. I will meet you at the Florida Airport and pay whomever the $100 for bringing the pup to me. Also, the dog carrier counts as a piece of carry-on luggage.
  5. I bought a puppy from a chicago breeder and was going to fly up and meet her at the airport to fly right back down to Miami (same day). I'm willing to pay $100 for the SAFE courier of this pup. She is a 2-3 lb shih tzu puppy. Would prefer flights into West Palm, Ft. Lauderdale and the BEST would be into MIAMI. Would have to be for the dates of 3/28 weekend or the first weekend in April. YOU MUST be Responsible and love dogs and it must be a NON-STOP flight. I will be VERY picky about who can do this. I love her already
  6. Well, the show was FREAKING AWESOME!!! I am so PROUD of all my girls - they ROCK!!! The weather WAS poopy but we had around 70-100 people for the dinnner & party! It truly was a night in Boogie history! Look out for the photos this week on There will also be a video of the show but I'm not sure when that will be out! A big THANKS and APPRECIATION to everyone that braved the elements and made it to the show! We were all so happy that you guys loved it and this really showed by the amount of GENEROUS tips!!! We love you all!
  7. ok .... get your butt in the car - drive F~A~S~T (and safe) and we'll see you in Sebastian! The party is going to be out of this world!!!
  8. Get ready for the STRIPPER POLE- it arrived TODAY at the DZ!!!! OK - it's going to be rated pg-13 (I think) but break out your pole moves and the most outrageous outfit!
  9. I can not wait to see you LIVE doing your thang! You go girl.....You are a hot-mamma-superstar!
  10. this first picture of you?!!! The second picture definitely shows off your room-illuminating smile!!
  11. OK everyone listen up! This is HOT off the press.....I just confirmed the order for the professional "STRIPPER POLE"!!! This thing is gonna be freaking awesome - the base lights up and everything. Check it out.... Kim is going to do an amazing pole dance as part of the evenings entertainment but after that .... the POLE IS OPEN TO ALL!!!! Girls...get a cup of liquid courage and show us what ya got!
  12. Awwwwww Cynthia - I knew I loved you for a really freaking good reason - other than the sweet person you are - you are incredible! I love ya girl! Can't wait to see your twisty-rope-lov'n-body at the boogie!!!
  13. This boogie is going to be so freaking awesome!!! We are all so excited and want everyone to spread the word - we want to see all of our friends (and meet new ones!), do innovative skydives (think PINK) and PARTY!!!
  14. Thanks! ALLI actually took that pic! Hey, who is this?