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  1. Thankz, Lynn for those awsome memories of Todd. That took a lot of courage. We love you here in Superior. Todd came up to Superior after he and Nick got thier AFF ratings. I was privleged to jump with Todd on his first real student AFF jump. I have done at least a thousand AFF's, and let me say he handeled it like a vetran jumpmaster. He was stoked. I didn't tell him how good he did I didn't want it to go to his head, seeing it was his first in all. I did however remind him about the beer..... "He was more than a friend to all those around him”. We're heartbroken that he has died so young, I know there are so many people that have benefited from his life in the skydiving community." He was a person that listened when you talked to him. A guy that cared about what you had to say. A truly classy person and a real pleasure to be around. My heart goes out to all his skydiving families. It feel’s as if a knife has been stabbed into our own hearts. We will miss you at Skydive Superior! Our sincerest condolences to the Jacobson family Blue skyz my friend. My son jack still calls you “Joe Cool” -mark
  2. c-185

    Skydive Superior

    Best view under freefall in the area - Lake Superior! Tandem skydiving allows you to experience freefall on your first skydive! Arrive 30 minutes prior to your class for orientation. Training begins at the scheduled class time. For 20-30 minutes, your instructor will explain the equipment and its safetly features (along with a detailed video). You will then physically walk-thru how to exit the airplane, learn the stabe freefall body position and how to fly the parachute back to earth. After ground training, you'll "gear up" and make your first skydive harnessed together with your instructor experiencing the exhilararion of freefall, the freedom of parachute descent, and a tip-toe landing with pin-point accuracy.. Tandem Jump Altitudes and Extras... Basic tandem skydive is from 8,000-10,000 ft. altitude with a 30-45 second freefall. The price for a basic tandem skydive is $225.00 Professional video of your skydive experiences is available. Group rates: 4-6 students $215.00 7-9: $210.00 10+: $200.00 Tandem scheduling and availability... Classes offered Wednesday (by appt) and Friday -Saturday. Total time invested for a tandem skydiving is 2-3 hours. Winds must be less than 15 mph, clouds above 8,000 feet. Call before comig to the drop zone to check on weather. if weather prevents skydiving we will reschedule yoru skydive at that time. Minimum age is 18 Maximum weight is 200 lbs. Students over the age of 65 must provide a written physician approval proir to their appointment. Schedule early.. we fill quick!!