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  1. Yesterday I picked up a new toy, and I really wanted to call Gary. I wanted to talk about it, get his advice, and plan a day to take it out. He was a wealth of knowledge, and always so helpful. Gary was a great man. Blue skies. Miss you buddy.
  2. I do not mean to split hairs, but it is not BASE if it is from any kind of aircraft. Does that make it an illegal skydive if he was using BASE gear? (no reserve)
  3. I choose to not jump with an AAD and DZOs have the right to establish any rule they wish. This particular rule is very short sighted (as others have stated in this thread). Establishing an AAD requirement without any wing loading requirement is worthless in a lot of cases. As a good friend and respected rigger has said to me, an AAD with a highly loaded reserve will not save an incapacitated jumper. In my opinion.... If SSM was implementing this rule for safety and not just as a reaction to a tragedy, they would include maximum wing loading rules as well. I guess my days of driving to SSM and having a fun weekend will soon be over.
  4. I have been thinking about Scott a lot lately. It was a pleasure to know him and I miss talking with him. It has been 3 years since he left this world. I can still see his ever present smile. BSBD
  5. I always enjoyed talking with Dennis. He could tell a story better than anyone I have known. The world is less interesting without him.
  6. Is there some way to get this guy? I am playing along with him at this point also. His profile shows he has never logged in. I am trying (in a friendly way) to get him to give me more information, but like everyone else in here has stated, he stops with "the payment has been made out to you". I am wondering if we do get these "fraudulent money orders" can we do anything to stop him from trying this in other forums? Possibly inform the authorities? (I actually just laughed at myself for typing that!)
  7. He is trying the same thing with me on my Monarch 155. Does anyone know what can he possibly gain from knowing the information he has requested? "NAME: ADDRESS: ZIPCODE: FINAL PRICE: MOBILE NUMBER:"