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  1. Hi;-) I am planing on doing some jumps this weekend together with friends, if you are up to it you are welcome to do some GC, the weather is going to be rainy but it's only rain right let me know Nikolaj
  2. Thanks for taking your time to answer my Q Nikolaj
  3. Ok I will say this in another way
  4. Hi everybody I would like to know what the best wingsuit is in your opinion (The wingsuit with the best performance), and tell why. blue skies Nikolaj
  5. Hi Tom thanks for helping me out Do you know how much it cost to stay at the places you talk about?? Thanks again Nikolaj
  6. Hi everybody I am taking a base course the 8-10 juli at the Perrine bridge in Twin Falls, I am staying almost a month and a half after the course to get some jumps in
  7. Nikolaj

    Congrats 850

    Hey dude congrats with your jump nr. 200 I just want to say thanks for a really cool and fun weekend
  8. Hey everybody;-) I would like to hear from people who as tried to fly the phoenix fly track pants and jacket. Tell about your opinion about them, and how they fly, is it a good idea to buy the jacket aswell?? The reason is that I am thinking about buying a pair:-) and maybe the jacket
  9. Nikolaj

    Rock Dragon

    hi people:-) Is there any out there who know some about the Rock Dragon from Vertigo now Apex Base??? I know it is a relativly new canopy but I would like to hear from people who has jumped it.
  10. Nikolaj

    Best base gear

    Hey everybody I would like to know what the opinion is about best 2 pin container on the market today