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  1. hey.. thanks... that is good info..
  2. Can anyone give me the best all around camera settings for the XTI, to start with anyway..? Thanks
  3. are these the best all around settings for gettin started with the xti...? if so... thanks...
  4. Do you need to secure the still camera on top mount with more than just the screw in the tripod socket mount...? Getting ready to mount a Rebel XTI and would appreciate any helpful hints...
  5. so the rebel has the port (2.5mm) ready for the bite switch...?
  6. do all those have the port ready for bite switch..? was thinking in the range of $5oo to $1k...
  7. what is the best still camera that is bite switch ready..? and affordable too....
  8. No regrets when you buy the best, great comfort and quality. Works great for all kinds of flying. Durable, 250 jumps and still looks like new. Will keep this one forever!
  9. swoop2471


    I have about a hundred jumps now on my FF2, very durable and practical, great for all occasions. From the start I had good communication with customer service, they always promptly replied to my emails. Timely delivery, great quality, fits like a glove, and very lightweight. Durable(did I already say that?), dropped it on the pavement after my 4th jump and it took it like a champ! The cost is understandable with such a complete product, Cam Eye II mounted is nice. I have not seen a better helmet of such style, and everyone I talk to wants one! I have a stealth lense on my PC 109 and there are no snag points. Without a doubt a great camera helmet!