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  1. From a Polish BASE website http://www.polishbase.offheading.com/cotojestbase.html: "Wyskakujesz i wisisz przez ułamek sekundy w pustej przestrzeni. Nagle Matka Ziemia chwyta twoje jaja, i z całej siły przyciąga je do siebie" "You exit and for a fraction of a second you are suspended in empty space. Then Mother Earth grabs you by your nuts all pulls them down as hard as She can".
  2. klapaucius

    #110 (((

    There is a prof at one of the Canadian universities in the prairies, do not remember which exactly, doing research on hypothermia. He was at the Letterman's show and demonstrated jumping into ice cold water in a tank on a side street, close to the theatre. He stayed there for half an hour or so. He said that there was a "one ten one" rule for surviwal in cold water: One minute to bring breathing under control, ten minutes for meaningful action and one hour for survival - if your body is supported
  3. klapaucius

    height evaluation

    Careful with the setup, particularly the angle measurement. Errors will accumulate quickly.
  4. klapaucius

    height evaluation

    Attached are two pictures that hopefully explain better
  5. klapaucius

    height evaluation

    Basic trigonometry will give you answers. See attached picture. height (blue) = red (rangefinder) * sin (blue angle) height (blue) = red (rangefinder) * cos (red angle) Angle can be measured to couple degrees or so using a plain plastic protractor. Hope it helps
  6. There were two or three threads a year ago or so with some hard data from Kjerag posted by Norwegians and included a few nice graphs: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=1966908#1966908
  7. What is the track record of private bills being actually passed into law in the US and NY?. The situation in Canada (where I live) would be as follows: If Senator Marty Golden is in a party that has majority in both chambers, the private bills usually die early in the committes, before even reaching the floor. If he is in minority, then the whole idea would be shot down on principle i.e. the majority always votes down minority bills. The content of the bill does not matter.
  8. klapaucius

    BASE catapult

    5g it was: http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=2034882#2034882
  9. I recall a Swiss calling this "stinking shit" a "smell of wealth of Switzerland".
  10. Are you talking about this?: http://www.pcprg.com/
  11. Even if it sounds preachy, isn't it that way? "Screw everybody, I am playing my game" and "I truly enjoy the freedom to pursue my interests and help others" are not exactly the same thing. I don't think I am trying to tell people how to play, only to observe that the freedom is a bit more than the "nobody tells me what to do".
  12. I don't see it. The only ones affected are his family(generally speaking of anyone, not Dave specifically), and that is on him. Other than that it is 1 less car on the road, 1 less worker in an office building; the world is no worse off, and even if the world or society was worse off, what right do they have to make a claim on that one person's life such that it limits that person's freedom? To make such a claim is selfish, greedy and does infringe on the freedom of others, which insidiously errodes their quality of life, little by little. Kinda like socialism of freedom and liberty. Just my 2 cents, TVPBs posts above say a lot about that. But for example of impact, paramedic collects a body. Policemen make investigation. Doctor makes pronounces death, makes autopsy. Funeral, effect on friends. Classmates, coworkers, family (e.g nephews that will not have an uncle) work not done, taxes not paid. It's a bit like butterfly effect - or karma. At the end, your are right, society has no right to expect anything from you. It is your responsibility to use your freedom right. You (not personally, but as figure of speech) can make a choice of jumping reclessly or be a pillar of BASE community. Which is more satisfying, extra rush from ultra low pull or becoming someone's mentor? It is a better chance to keep jumping, too
  13. To easy...Freedom is not a right to do what you want, it the position wher you can make choices and take responsibility for them. When you take responsibility for your life, you take responsibility for other people. That a great responsibility. I said responsibility so many time that it looks like Iam making a point to make a point. What's the point - to make a point? ...does not impinge other people's freedom. ... Imagine you go in. How many people are affected. Starting from people who pick up your (literally) pieces...ending at people whom you will not be able to affect in 30 years, because you took your freedom too literally? ps. edited to clean up spelling and grammar