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  1. confirmed (barring airline strikes/earthquakes/floods TDS#95 will be there! Where's the LZ for the Beach Jumps? --------------------------------------------- Every day is a bonus - every night is an adventure.
  2. Got a note from my wife who was visitng in KC that there was a piece on TV about a new tunnel project in KC. Any info? --------------------------------------------- Every day is a bonus - every night is an adventure.
  3. If you get across the channel to the UK you'd have a great time at that time of the year. I've jumped at all but 3 of the DZ's in the UK and you'd be hard pressed to find one that isn't a good time, each with their own flavor. One caveat - if you're a senior citizen bring a note from your doctor. --------------------------------------------- Every day is a bonus - every night is an adventure.
  4. Good points. There are a few operatiors that run their DZ operation like a business. There are a larger number that run there DZ operation like a DZ operation, and there are quite a few that run their operation like a small niche extreme sport service provider. There is no single explanation for this because of the numbers involved but here are a few points. 1. The individualistic nature of many of the operators is not in line with general expansion of the sport. They don't work together to increase their overall client pool but instead focus on what they do at their shop. Competition comes into play, but not really all that significantly except in a few instances. In these instances competitiion usually develops over a dispute rather than a genuine fight for a limited customer base. They do not pool resources and they do not pool advertising and marketing. An example of this is my home area - Orlando. In Florida it is a medium population area with an extremely large base of tourists. There are five "Principal" DZ's that all do a relatively stable business, each with its own niche draw. Up the road in Jacksonville, an area with a much larger population but lower tourist base the operators run pistons. In between the two areas is what could be classed as a "local" that runs a turbine and attracts many of the skydivers that are regional. If these operators would coordinate their marketing and product base along with even a minimal communication network focused on market expansion mprovements could be made to their bottom lines overall. 2. It's not just "A" business it is several. A DZ can consist of a rigging business, a charter airline business, a skydiving business, a skydivng school, and maybe even a food service plus other stufr. Sometimes each business is not financially tied to the other. Coordination becomes an issue with the DZO typically ending up a a value without pay provider, If you wanted to see what you describe my guess is it would take a buyout of several DZ's in a local area with an existing business that is healthy and a commercialization along the lines of a service provider or franchise model. Before anyone starts ranting about Skyride keep in mind that they just add to the existing mix - a booking agency if you will. Finally, ponder why Scuba Diving is common and comparitively large compared to skydiving. The mental exercise in that may give you pause for consideration. My thought ran to an opinion that scuba divers loved it and wanted everyone to do it to experience their love of the sport. Skydivers love it and want to do it more. Of course I could wrong. --------------------------------------------- Every day is a bonus - every night is an adventure.
  5. OK, I stayed at the Premier Travel Inn Central, Milton Keynes 08701 977184. Pretty good place to eat right next to the Hotel. Rate was 63 BP inclusive of VAT. --------------------------------------------- Every day is a bonus - every night is an adventure.
  6. Hang on I'll go check my receipts - I just stayed there a few weeks ago - it's right across the street. --------------------------------------------- Every day is a bonus - every night is an adventure.
  7. As mentioned, BPA does something similar to these discussions. BPA also has a section that has a basic one page newsletter from each DZ in the UK in each issue along with an lead page with a map of the DZ'z in the Kingdom. A Magazine leader issue is a common practice in publishing. There are two ways to accomplish that - One with a purpose built publication, ie the "Introduction" issue which is designed to build membership through communication, and the other that just delivers a copy of the recent edition that is designed to build interest. I think the Introduction issue works as a limited (annual?) run with a target audience of the likely demographic. Copies at Wind tunnels, DZ's, and venues that attract likely members. It is advertising and as such DZ'z could get special rates for a page ad (newsletter) with a DZ directory provided for all participants. Don't want to participate - no ad or reference in the issue to your DZ. Per issue price would be low and very affordable to a participating DZ, which could order in bulk and distribute with the Tandem Certificate. If it proves to be a success after the first run you could take the program forward in a number of ways. An effort to market the sport could have a profound effect on the Skydiving industry and the sport as a whole. We likely have the indigenous talent - certainly we have more visual media available than most sports and the professionals to gather it. --------------------------------------------- Every day is a bonus - every night is an adventure.
  8. I'm not sure how many, I may have had enough jumps for an A when I finally got through. It's all about finding the groove. Relax and have fun with each jump, don't sweat the numbers and don't overpressurize yourself. You're getting a chance to jump with an experieinced skydiver - that's an opportunity you should make the most of. --------------------------------------------- Every day is a bonus - every night is an adventure.
  9. Finish visiting all the DZ's in Florida and Britain. Do a few more balloon jumps. Jump a parafoil Get a custom paint job on a helmet. --------------------------------------------- Every day is a bonus - every night is an adventure.
  10. Jesus Lisamarie - really? --------------------------------------------- Every day is a bonus - every night is an adventure.
  11. Every day I jump I always try to set aside at least one for that type of jump. I don't get a rush from jumping just simply enjoy the immensity of the whole thing. Flying the wingsuit gives me more time to enjoy it. --------------------------------------------- Every day is a bonus - every night is an adventure.
  12. In my quest to visit all the DZ's on GB I did visit one that jumps lower than 10K. To their credit they let me know in advance what altitude I could expect. If they are telling the students what to expect and that's OK with them then where's the harm. I've seen tandems spend money to get to 18K and forego the video for the extra freefall. Not what I'd do, but it's not my money. Out of curiosity an interest in promoting my sport, I talk to many of the tandem students to find out why they are jumping, who's idea it was, and what they thought of the experience. They seem to choose a drop zone for a number of reasons - with very few exceptions, altitude isn't one of them. --------------------------------------------- Every day is a bonus - every night is an adventure.
  13. Equipment - I have the same camera and helmet combo. I use a low profile lense which eliminates the adapter tunnel. I had to modify the mount slightly to get the lense forward and take the box out of the picture. If you can live with the zoom that would work well. Composition - Several of our camera flyers are really good at getting the shot when the student is head down. They go to their back and fly low - now and then you see a foot in the shot, or they may present their foot to the student for a dock. Dynamic footage adds to a static face-on shot. carving to the side to get a profiled shot adds dynamic proportion and is also a nice perspective. All in all I's say your framing was good and it was a good effort. Now edit!! You can't fix it all in post but you can do alot. Nice work. --------------------------------------------- Every day is a bonus - every night is an adventure.
  14. It happened last weekend - high winds, first load of the day a formation 50-way attempt. Don't know what was going on in the planes, but on the ground we were all looking in one direction waiting to see canopies and then I glanced over my shoulder and saw them starting to pop way down wind - no chance of making the DZ with the winds. When someone jumps on a big way - everyone has to follow if the formation has a chance of working. If the key doesn't spot and goes on green the results have a chance of getting multiplied. Sure, veryone should look but what just happened at Couch Freaks with the Cypres fires would suggest that they don't. A 50-way landing off takes a long time to collect and check in. --------------------------------------------- Every day is a bonus - every night is an adventure.
  15. I'll be there - hopefully some flocking. --------------------------------------------- Every day is a bonus - every night is an adventure.