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  1. I figure it'll be a good thing to have around so I ordered one, but before it comes could you look up an Aerodyne Triathalon 160?
  2. true.. but
  3. Is there some simple rule for converting, say 475 cu in. of container space into a canopy size like 170? I realize it can change with the type of fabric and age, but is there a rule for zp fabric, or maybe a table somewhere? Thanks
  4. turns out its really just extremely faded. Looking extremely close at it under certain light you do see some ink in places. Thanks all
  5. I don't mean to discourage people from also replying to marion, but my question is from the buyer's side. I'm looking at a canopy which is in great condition so it doesn't look like it would have faded. If manufacturers don't stamp/write on the crest does that mean anything in particular?
  6. This is probably nothing, but does it mean anything in particular if a canopy doesn't have a serial number or dom marked on the warning label? it's in excellent condition but the only number in that grid is the maximum gross weight, which is only slightly faded (implying that the rest didn't fade, they were simply never marked). No sign of the numbers being erased or anything like that...
  7. For reference, I'm looking at this;d=1 which is a lot bigger than the 160reserve+135main...? Unless this configuration is just going to be extremely tight or something?
  8. Hi everyone. I'm trying to find some sizing info on a Javelin 2 C20 container. The sunpath website is relatively sparse for info about it (or maybe I'm just inept) and all I found was this after a fairly exhaustive search. I'm looking for info on harness sizes (i.e. will it fit) and sizing for main/reserve combos. I'm looking at a j2 c20 that is currently holding a 170main/raven181 and am wondering how far it can downsize (if at all).
  9. So I'm looking to get my first rig. I'd like something that will last me for a while, so if I downsize I can keep the container etc. because I have little money. I hope to get into freeflying as I improve (long way away still) so Ill need something that can allow for that. So after an extensive search on ebay and here I'm down to two choices which I think would work. I would be switching the main on this one for a spectre 170 (mirage website says it'll fit). The trade should put me about even, assuming theres a market out there for a nitron 170 (is there?). I'd also add an AAD, probably a vigil so the frequency of required checkups is smaller ($$). That one is pretty much all set to go. THe price may be a litlte high on it (what do you think?), and I can't find much info about that container/harness system (aka will it be good for my future plans at freeflying). If you have any suggestions that'll help me narrow this down further I'd appreciate it. Or maybe I'm on the completely wrong track here, just let me know :)
  10. The reserve is definitely big enough. I'm 160# with no gear, I fall fast so I wouldn't ever be wearing weights either. How does the flying differ for an elliptical? With small inputs wouldn't it be possible to get used to it?
  11. updated the profile for yas. As I said I'm a beginner, but I haven't been able to do much wihtout my own rig (renting is difficult at my dz). The previous rigs I used were at another dropzone (had to go off to college) and I obviously don't have access to that anymore. Oh yeah, and don't buy this one out from under me! :p
  12. I'm looking at getting this: But would like to put in an aad. How do I know if I should get a 1 or 2-pin system? Would a rigger be able to install this since the ad isnt marked with 'aad-ready?' I'm biased towards vigils bc of the maintenance record so would probably be getting one of those. Also, just as a secondary question, I'm fairly new and this would be my first rig, and it seems like a good place to start. I am a little wary, however, of the characteristics of the main after reading gear reviews. I'm staying away from swooping for a while still, but I'm reading that this canopy type is designed for swooping. Is that a problem? I have experience on a saber2 and a spectre (both 190) and was comfortable on them. So I guess I'm asking would this PD nitron 170 be too much of a downsize?
  13. thanks for the reply, you saved me on that one. For the type of canopy I'm used to flying, do you recommend that I spend a little more to get a newer system, or perhaps not get a complete system and instead get the elements of one and get a rigger to put it together? Just in case, do you have a recommendation for any particular rig on this site? (AAD is a must)
  14. I've got my A, but just barely (27), and where I jump it's ridiculously expensive to rent, so I'm looking to buy a used rig. I used a new sabre 190 and sometimes a spectre 190 and a wings container at the last DZ I was at and felt confident on it. Here's something that seems pretty good to me, what do all of you think? Is 1993 too old? (It's got 297 jumps on it). Price reasonable?