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  1. Great dropzone with plenty of friendly people. Also, great airplane and landing area. Thank you, Larry, Don & Robin for helping my wife, our friends, and myself have such an awesome Suffolk experience this past weekend. Larry Stringer
  2. lstring

    Quasar II

    I recently purchased a Quasar II. It's beautiful! The quality, the features, the price, and the customer service make this rig a great choice. Strong Enterprises' personnel are personable, knowledgable and helpful. My husband is in the process of having Strong put a Quasar together for him. Kathy I just wanted to agree with the positive comments from my wife about the Quasar II, and add a few more words of praise. The Quasar is the most comfortable and the easiest to pack rig I have ever used. I also like the new reserve deployment mechanism. The extra one or two seconds it gives you during a malfunction may come in handy someday. Larry Hendersonville, NC