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  1. Man up - the VR360 is a great reserve and it's toggle pressure isn't that bad. I'd rather have a VR-360 than a SET, Sigma or hop 330 **in terms of toggle pressure... The last time I had to use the VR-360, it was because the mammoth on the front of me helped me blow up the main... He was a solid dude around 240lbs and I had no issues flaring it myself. I'm 5'11" and 175lbs... and by no means am I "strong"... We stood up the landing in light wind conditions. That canopy flares nicely. **it's not the equipment that's the issue...
  2. While a $25 buffer sounds like a good idea to me as a rigger, it would frustrate the hell out of me as a customer... Example: Shortly before I became a rigger I took a rig I was selling to the Perris loft to have it repacked for sale to a friend. When I received the rig back, they had replaced all the elastic keepers on the rig and charged me a buck or so each... They did a couple other minor things like restitch a piece of unimportant velcro (pile) as well and charged me that $25... I was pissed... I was selling the rig and sure as shit didn't need them to replace those things that would not change the airworthyness of the rig. I will never go back to that loft nor will I ever suggest a friend go. Hell, I take my tools with me each time I go to perris and if a friend has a mal, I offer to pack it for cheap so they will NOT go to the perris loft. There are too many riggers out there trying to nickel and dime ya... If the customer isn't ok with it, the work doesn't get done. Period.
  3. Check out: They're expensive but it's quality gear. And comfortable with 35+ lbs in it.
  4. Is this all new equipment? Did you purchase it all together or is it pieced together from all over? Either way, I'd be asking the mfg to send me a demo canopy ON risers, as well as a shipping label so I could send the canopy and risers that are damaged back... They should be fixing that stuff for free and returning it on them. The band-aid fix they've given you doesn't make up for the fact that their poorly manufactured equipment is damaging your gear. If they're not willing to support the product that they manufactured and sold you, get rid of it and buy gear from a manufacturer that will.
  5. Yep, that's what I meant when I said "or someone that can pass on my info"... If someone knows how to contact her I will happily forward my info... Would really like to chat with her about gear.
  6. Hey, I'm trying to find Cathy Schlatter... Anybody know how I can contact her? I've got a mailing address, etc. etc. from the FAA website but am hoping for a phone number or email address... or someone that can pass on my info so I can chat with her. PM me please if you have details. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Terry. I'm looking for a phone number or email for her if you or anyone knows... I'd like to discuss gear with her. Any help is appreciated. Thanks again.
  8. Does anyone have contact info for the above rigger? I'm trying to get a hold of her. If you have contact info, please PM me or have her do so? Thanks...
  9. 2 years ago I lost an N3 because the velcro it came with didn't hold well. It came off in freefall, on video and when I sent the video to them to tell them their velcro sucked they basically said "tough luck" and offered to sell me another. I bought a Viso. Cheaper and better customer service. To ensure I never lost another alti, I sewed the hand-mount piece from the Viso onto this simple, $5 'wrist guard' from the sporting good store. I don't even do the velcro up tight, just enough to make sure the thing can't move past my hand. The elastic is still good about 1000 jumps later. Total cost: $5 for band, pennies in thread and about 5 minutes of my time.
  10. 1. Pay through paypal with your credit card. That way if the person screws you, both Paypal and your credit card company are on it. It add's about 3% to the price, but it's worth the security of knowing you can't be out thousands. If you do get screwed, call your credit card company and tell them you never received goods, you sign the paper they send and the charge is off your card. 2. Tell the person to ship it labelled "Return of borrowed goods" or something similar. The only way customs causes issues is if they think you've bought something... If they think you're just getting something back that's already yours and paid for, you won't pay duty on it no matter the "value". Ensure they don't put a receipt or invoice in the box - mail that separately if there is one...
  11. Where's you get your old, proven knowledge from? The bonfire? Google is your friend... Rain drops are NOT shaped as you (and maybe most) think - with pointy bits up...
  12. I jumped the Phantom X/GoPro setup on some bigways this past summer... It was a great tool and far better than having to jump an open-face helmet. It is really easy to rig up, as all you have to do is switch out one lens for another. On the phantom x this only takes about 30 seconds. With such a small camera, top mounted, in a mounting bracket that's pretty much snag free, you're off to the races. You'd have to do something pretty messed up to snag anything on that setup. As for cutaway, just unclip the buckle on the side of your head and away it goes. If your helmet is properly sized you'll be fine. There is already a tab that the snap is attached to, so you don't need to go adding more stuff to the helmet... The Phantom X go pro mount is the most snag free mount I've seen for gopro. And it's not so heavy that it weighs your visor down - I landed with my visor up every jump.
  13. There's at least one in northern California. Quebec generally allows tandem students to jump at 14 with parental consent. You could go there.
  14. I spoke with Alti-2 a month or so ago and I was told it was delayed because they were having a hard time getting container approval from each manufacturer after the argus bs had hit the fan. So until they can get things sorted with container manufacturers I think they're SOL... Perhaps someone with more recent info can chime in, like I said, that's a month or two old?!
  15. Last correspondence I had with Alti-2, they suggested that it could be a while because manufacturers are reluctant to approve any new AAD after this argus bs... so no confirmed date of release at this point.