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  1. Fly free Brother! I only met you briefly in Chamonix last december on a parking lot on our way to an exit point... When I first saw you I totally remember thinking:" Dude... is this old guy a jumper?" You got you stashbag out of your car and off we went to the exit point... Got to chit chat with you for 15 very intertaining minutes!!! You did come across as some sort of looney but in the most positive way!!! I had no idea that you were the guy behind the catapult... but now I put two and two together and I am not surprised in the least.... You are one of these guys who lived large and free... May I age as good as you did brother... RIP _________________________________________ Signature Max Size: 4 lines, 200 characters
  2. Too bad you couln't make it earlier cauz we will be in Norway from the 15 to the 31st of July... Dude you have to get your butt offshore man!!! Then base trips all the time. Oh yeah and one more things.. BBC is for wusssssies!! I'll show you next time how things are done! _________________________________________ Signature Max Size: 4 lines, 200 characters
  3. You are sooo mean with Sven!!! Got to love him.. _________________________________________ Signature Max Size: 4 lines, 200 characters
  4. Can Î get a "HALELUJIA " for this!!! _________________________________________ Signature Max Size: 4 lines, 200 characters
  5. OH MY GOD!! You are a Red Bull Athlete!?! That is so impressive!!!! My ultimate wish in life is to become one... I sure can understand why you say it's a beautifull jump and all but saying it was one of your best jump really makes me wonder what your average/normal base jumps looks like. If this was one of your best exits, i sure want to see what your average exits look like... You are my new found hero!! _________________________________________ Signature Max Size: 4 lines, 200 characters
  6. Here is a report of the first accident which took place at the nose on Saturday april 15th. Stefan was extremely conservative in his progression. His experience was about 35 bridge jumps, 2 building jumps, and a handfull (5 or 6 max) of cliff jumps he had made from the three most common exit points in LB during the few days prior to his accident. Stefan had a prior jump from the nose, so it was not the first time he jumped there when he had his accident. He was jumping an appropriately sized vented fox canopy with a 38 inch vented pilot chute. Stefan was a well known, respected rigger and was on top of his game in regards to gear maintenance, set up and packing. This is info gathered from people who saw the accident first hand. Stefan was making a stowed, slider up jump from the Nose when he had his accident. Same configuration as all the other jumps he had made in the valley in the prior days. It has been reported that he made a stable exit, took a nice but conservative delay during which he tracked a little and pulled high above the talus. The canopy inflated fully with a 180 at a reasonable distance from the wall. Wittness report that they saw him fly towards the wall with no visible attempt to turn the canopy around. It is unknown if he had twists or not as this could not be seen from the top. Stefan hit the talus a few times before the canopy collapsed and fell the rest of the way. Stefan was found with the right toggle unstowed in his hand. There is not much else I can say beside that Stefan was a very much loved and kind jumper who was very carefull in his progression. He was an amazing human being and he will be bitterly missed! He leaves a wife and two children. My prayers and thoughts goes out to them. Fly free my brother... _________________________________________ Signature Max Size: 4 lines, 200 characters
  7. Let's not get it all mixed up. There were two fatalities. One at the nose on Saturday (Stefan Grossman) and one at yellow ocean on Sunday. Base915 described the yellow ocean accident of sunday morning. He witnessed first hand what happend and in his words desribed the accident: I saw the footage of that jump and Base915's description is as acurate as they get. Nothing else more to say than it's a tragic and sad accident of someone with almost no base experience. For the first accident, the one of saturday that happend at the Nose, I/We are still trying to gather info as the picture is still not clear in regards to what exactly happened. People who witnessed the accident are not regular poster of DZ.com and I have yet to talk to one of them. I will post a report of the Nose accident as soon as we have crystal clear accurate info in regards to what exactly happened during that jump. _________________________________________ Signature Max Size: 4 lines, 200 characters
  8. Some pics of Stefan. Your smile, enthousiasm and unusual kindness is bitterly missed! PS: for those who wish, i have a few more pics and some footage of him as well. Please PM me. _________________________________________ Signature Max Size: 4 lines, 200 characters
  9. I need to correct something. Stefan exited at the Nose and not LM. The nose is where stefan's accident took place. I was in the valley on Friday and saw Stefan make a jump from LM. I know stefan really well as I took him on his first B a few weeks back. He was a super head's up jumper and always safety concious to the point of anal retentiveness. He would always open his rig up at the exit point to make sure he was happy with his pack job and to square the center cell. He was a rigger for lots of parachutists here in the french part of switzerland and a really good one at that. I trusted my life to him when he inspected and reassembled my base rig after i had knarly tree landing a few weeks back. He always had solid exits that is why I took him on his first B. Stefan was a pretty big/bulky guy and was not jumping with any tracking pants. So from what I saw on his jump from LM his track was pretty weak. He pulled right at the begining of the talus and fairly close to it. I will post some pics of him soon. Fly free Stefan! I already miss you! _________________________________________ Signature Max Size: 4 lines, 200 characters
  10. DUUUDE!! Who is that hot, amazingly good looking guy in orange and black with you on the inner tube?? I think I am in love him Seriously bro, that little trailer reminded me of all the crap load of fun we had together and it also reminded why i jump... thanks for puting a smile on my face and a little sunshine on this gloomy day! See you soon for more "stupid ideas" I love you guys! thank you for being amazing human beings and friends. Chris _________________________________________ Signature Max Size: 4 lines, 200 characters
  11. Some more facts: Jumper is Swiss, experience level is around 40 jumps. Was doing his first few cliff jumps (5 or 6 max) Exited from LM. No track suit/pants. Very safety concious and head's up jumper... _________________________________________ Signature Max Size: 4 lines, 200 characters
  12. No second fatality! Just mixed info! _________________________________________ Signature Max Size: 4 lines, 200 characters
  13. Fatality is factual as I know the deceased jumper personally! _________________________________________ Signature Max Size: 4 lines, 200 characters
  14. Sorry to report there has been a fatality in the Swiss valley today. No further details at this time! _________________________________________ Signature Max Size: 4 lines, 200 characters