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  1. and team future just broke it again apparently - 108 minutes.
  2. thanks for this - i came on the forum to ask this very question
  3. I jump a (reasonably complicated) camera setup. A few weeks ago (USPA safety day) two jumpers were discussing video cameras, mounts, ringsights etc and asked me over to get my opinion and advice on their new gear. I started to give some advice about mounting, lenses etc, and as you do, I enquired about their jump experience. One had 110 jumps, the other 130. Both already had camera helmets (no stills just video, although one had a stills mount). I explained the USPA's recommendation of a 200 jump minimum and (my version of) the thinking behind that recommendation. They quietened down and thanked me for my time - the conversation drifted off but I was left with an odd feeling it wouldn't be the last I saw of that. They'd already got all the gear after all... A few hours later, I hosted a seminar for Safety Day at my DZ for freefly safety - one aspect of which touched on video and stills in freefall, snag hazards etc. One of the guys I'd spoken to earlier in the day was present and intently listening for the duration of the talk. Later that afternoon, I see the pair walking to the plane. All kitted out with their new camera gear. I didn't mention it again. Twice he'd heard me say 200 jump recommendation, and the reasons behind it. Then perhaps he just thought "fuck it, I'll be fine - I'll take it carefully". I've honestly no idea what people think in these situations but I doubt it's an actual "what the hell does he know I'm invincible", more likely just "it'll be fine..." As an (new) Instructor, I gave the best advice I can. However, I can't force someone to sit down and frankly I wouldn't want to. His choices are his choices. If he wanted to jump a 120 at 150 jumps (as another skydiver I know does) I cant stop that either - but I can tell him how bad an idea I think it'll be. Of course, if the same jumper was in the door with a cheststrap undone I'd grab the fool and drag his ass back in the plane. There's a line however between common sense and about-to-die. I'd like to think i'd try and stop an about-to-die situation. I can't however stop people without much common sense... When I'm paid to look after someone I share the responsibility - when it's AFF, I own that responsibility as the student often doesn't know better. When I'm funjumping or simply on the ground, if someone makes a bad decision after seeking advice, it's honestly not my place to force them to not jump. And I'm not sure if I'd like that responsibility either.
  4. Thanks for the detailed explanation - thats pretty much what i was looking for.
  5. I was kinda hoping for some personal recommendations - does anyone fly one of these makes on a regular basis? What material for wings (does it make a difference?) etc. Thanks!
  6. I'm in the market for a camera jacket of some type (ideally the low cost type ) It needs to be able to fit over my normal suits so I can just throw it on over what I'm wearing when I need to film something floaty. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  7. reminds me of this photo: End of the Rainbow
  8. OxyClean or hydrogen peroxide. Test in an area that won't show first, as it can (rarely) take the color out of some carpets. It will also, however, take the red color out of blood. I'm sensing an ex-husband you've previously failed to mention....
  9. It's a typo Should have been a 1d2n
  10. Just jumped my 1dn2 for the first time this week. Felt heavy as hell on the ground but was fine to jump with (did a mix of belly external video and freefly). The image quality is lovely, but the 8fps is what is the killer deal - I wouldn't want to jump it every jump for sure but for occasional use it's absolutely fine.
  11. Look for an older model Sony - something like a PC109. They're still ideal for most types of general skydiving and are slim enough to sidemount. I would strongly advise against getting an eBay lens for it - the lens is a large snag factor when it protrudes from the front of the helmet by a few inches - you'll either loose the lens and ruin the thread of the camera if you're lucky or have a linewrap if you're not. If it was me, I'd be looking to remove as many possible snag factors on my head as possible - not add them. Scrimp a little on the camera if you need to (get a PC109 not a PC1000 for example) - but get a slim lens - a Cookie lens is a fine example (as is Royal etc).